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En verdens arv til dere fra meg:

Disse to artikkelene:


Dette er en sannhet og en verdensarv til dere, så dere aldri glemmer sannheten.

Jeg regner med at når omfanget og forståelsen av disse to artikkelene har sunket inn hos folk så vil det bli et eget feilt i universitetsfag hvor det stiller store spørsmål om hvordan virkeligheten egentlig fungerer.

Detter er laget og forsket frem av Tor Fredrik C. D. Bjerke

To build the resolution of the eyes it will consumes all of the data in Human DNA and more to it.

This article is a new angel of view than this article has:

This means that there is a hidden super structured template that creates the human body, in another dimension  – not Visible for human eyes or scanning electron microscope.

‘If we would use all the data in DNA( about 1 500 Megabyte) we could not even create the eyes!

Wide angel view of human beings eyes has a resolution of about 512 Megapixels. That is 512 000 000 pixels. That is 512 000 000 little light sensory dots that must be aligned inside eye in perfect alignement up, down, left and right + wiring of signals into the brain. Now 1,5 GB data in DNA is 1 500 Megabytes, or 1 500 000 Kilobytes or 1 500 000 000 Bytes. 512 000 000 pixels. 1 500 000 000 / 512 000 000 = 2,9 times more data in DNA than megapixel count on eyes, but it is also about measuring the color on each pixel where we asume eyes have 128 bit true color detection per pixel.

Dived that(512 megapixels) by 2 megapixels that is the same as HD resolution(1920×1080=2 073 600,00 pixels) and you get about 256 HD monitors at HD resolution (computer screens or TV).

Now the image from the eyes data steam is raw biological format and estimated to about 33,2 Megabytes for one HD image.( that is 4×32 bit=128 bit a pixel)

So you times 33,2 MB(per HD Image resolution) x 256 Megapixels =(512 megapixels) 8 499 MB = 8,4 GB Gigabytes. (human DNA is only 1,5 GB where image is 8,4 GB about 5.6 times more than human DNA ) , The eyes take maybe 30 frames a second. That also means that the there must he at least 8,4 GB x 30 Frames =254 GB- Gigabyte a second into the brain.

8,4gb x 30 frames = 252 Gigabyte a second.(252 GB /1,5 GB in DNA is 168 times larger image than DNA) Times 60 seconds =15 200 Gb a minute times 60 minutes = 917 913 Gb an hour times 24 hours = 22 029 926 GB Gigabyte a day times 365 days = 8 040 923 136 Gigabyte a year, times 80 years = 643 273 850 880 Gigabyte a lifetime of 80 years)

Now the human DNA (Genome) is at 1,5 GB.

The code and system to create the eyes must be more than 512 megapixels large or 8499 MB (8,4 GB)

DNA does not have enough data in the DNA that only have 1,5 Gigabytes in it. Now in DNA there are only 4 values. They can be coded as bit. Then it would be 1 500 mb / 256 bit times 4 values = 23 mb of data. storage of DNA values. That is about 23 bibles of information but not enough to create the human body from scratch.

And the human DNA must also be used to create other organs like nervous systtem, heart, lungs, and brain that is a lot more than 1,5 Gigabytes of storage of instructions on how to make the “circuit” in body

Example the brains is expected to have a storage capacity of more than 10 Exabytes = 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes.

Logic is broken. (Maybe in Quantum Science we can find the answer there?.)

It shows that there is a hidden reality(system/science) behind the creating of the human body from fetus to full grown.

Either a computer simulated world we are living in or we live inside God or both.

So if not the Cell have enough data, Chromosome does not have enough data, , DNA and blood does not have enough data to create the human body in mothers womb. So the cells in the growing body/fetus must must come from a “hidden information/system dimension” that tells how to build the cells up. Thereby it is a hidden how it is done and we can only measure the result – the process but not find out how the cell splitting startet and what made them form in this pattern.

Her er flere som mener at Gud og Jesus eksisterer:

Erich von Daniken

Erich von Daniken Presents Chariots of the Gods (Contact in the Desert):

Erich von Daniken Brilliant Chariots of the Gods 50th Anniversary Presentation:

Erich von Däniken – The Ancient Mahabharata Book & The Story of Gigantic Motherships

The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 01:

6 Proofs for God’s Existence | Proof for God:

Proof of Heaven:

Nine Minutes in Heaven:

From Hell to Heaven: One Man’s Journey to Life-Changing Faith:

One Proof of God: Jesus

Bibelen er printet i ca 5 milliarder kopier. Det må jo være en eller annen av de leserne av bibelen som tror.

Professor John Lennox | God DOES exist

Do you know why the research team of CERN calls the Higgs Boson for the God Particle? The cost of the installation of Cern particle accelerator and detector cost $ 50 billion USD.


Gud og universet gir deg hva du tror på! Hvis du ikke tror på noen Gud, og heller ikke noe liv etter døden, så får du dessverre rett, livet blir kjedelig.

Hvis du tror på Jesus og Gud og høyere interessant viten så gir (Gud) universet deg alt du trenger, mirakler, trygghet, store ting i livet og evig liv.

Divine reality

Divine reality

I am Tor Fredrik Bjerke. When I was about 3 years old, I witnessed a visit from space that had divine powers over reality (breaking many of the rules of physics/reality we are bound to)

Since then I knew that there is a higher power above humans with great margin. I am trying to not break any God rules or country rules because I have seen the supreme control and power God has.

I was a smart kid at 3 years old and knew the rules of physics/reality was broken in my bedroom by visitor from space(moon)
I have seen things you won’t believe. But I believe! I have since the visit from space studied all I can to try to come up with an explanation of what divine things I have experienced firsthand.

So, I study physics, universe, math, biology (DNA) technology, storage requirements for DNA and storage requirement of human brains, computer science. I dig in any literature I could find for many years. I went thru all the knowledge I could find on the internet to come up with a new paradigm that explains the reality.

I am kind and nice man: I worked for more than 13 years for free to come up with something that I can stick my believes to. I bought computer hardware and software in a large scale for a lot of money without earning anything, with only the feeling that I will find the truth, eventually – eventually I did find truth. It was a big WOW.

Some said:
How does it then work then?

Some said, what a discipline you have – what a system, what a sense of order, what of amazing knowledge is behind this to understand it, how is it possible to have such a sense of systematic structure. Atheist said: congratulations in your discovery and your proving of a higher entity like God.

The truth is now for free for you!

I worked hard so you could not only have faith and hope in the existence of God, but that I / you can with real proof and good understanding KNOW that God is there and that God exist, so you do not do sins, and for your safety that aggressive none believers and followers of false religions can can see what you know that God is real, so they don’t do fraud, crime, murder, sins, violence or act of nihilism.

I worked hard because I see the lack of belief in the world in God or Jesus.
What I came up with was two things:


Now I made concept based on what I have experienced and i try to make an output based on input.

Now I don’t to miracles as Jesus did, but I build a concept that anybody can read, test and understand how God sticks to reality. It is a system; knowledge, technology, biology(DNA) – science – math, together that forms an evidence of the existence of God. When you read the truth, nobody can take it away from you what you have experienced the truth or what you know.
Now you know!

Nobody can take away from you what you know, especially what you know above the truth!

Tech Support

Do you need support with your software, services or computer, laptop, or wifi/internett connection or smartphone?

Before you call us – please save all open files and click sign out/shutdown – restart by unplugging electricity cord to router, computer and smartphone. plug it in again – restart/login and see if the problems is still there.

If you still need support call +47 903 69 396

A reboot a day keeps the computer doctor away.

Symbols of the times we are living in!

Symbols of the times we are living in!

Do you remember the financial crisis in 2008?
The year before that the iPhone 2 G was released:

Now what is the logo of Apple? An apple that is eaten of! What is that apple that is eaten off a symbol of? From Eden’s garden when sin happened when Adam and Eva ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.
What happened after the year 2007 and to 2008? Well people where holding the Apple iPhone to their mouth and talked in it, as if they were eating the fruit of knowledge, inside the phone you had apps and internet access to all the information in the world, so you could say there where eating of the tree of knowledge. What append in Eden’s garden when Adam and Eva committed the sin of eating of the forbidden fruit? They got kicked out of the safe and resourceful rich Eden’s garden, and they were thrown out of the Garden and into a hard reality where they had to work hard to grow food and other things that they had for free in Eden’s garden. What happened in short time after that? In 2008 the financial crisis happened and shocked the world and everything felt new, dangerous and foreign. We where kicked out of our “Eden’s garden” in 2007 – 2008 – 2009 out of our safe mindset and safe feeling that Eden’s garden gave us.

Now what other symbols is there? Coca Cola
Always Coca Cola = dark matter. In the universe there is always dark matter.

Other symbolism in car manufacture Nissan:
Nissan Micra car –
Phonetical ( )
and symbols across different langue’s:
Nissan Micra:
In Norwegian Ni=number 9, the number of God, San = true in Norwegian, Mi = me in English, C =see ra = sun God Ra from Egypt. )
Nissan Micra = 9 God true – m(I) see God.

Nike shoes
Nike = NI =number 9 in Norwegian, KE short form of Knut Erik. (Knut is knot to (Erik) Erik = Eternal ruler.

Sony – electronics:
3 different meanings

Son = Son of father.
Y is symbolism of cross and crucified and dead on the cross

Or Sony like sunny weather,

So = så in Norwegian. Ny in Norwegian means new. So New – In Norwegian: Så ny.

Other: PEPSI – this one is not the real meaning but interesting:

Volvo Aero on Kongsberg (King mountain)
Volvo means in Norwegian: Jeg ruller, In English: I am rolling. Aero means the upper layer of atmosphere -Sky – Heaven.

Ruller can mean: Ruler.
I am the ruler in the upper layer of the (heaven – sky) atmosphere above Kings Mountain.
I am rolling (sun or earth or both) in the upper layer of the (heaven – sky) atmosphere above Kings Mountain.

Do you know any other symbolism or meanings across languages? Send it to me: fredrik at


Weakness in security of computer hardware, operating system, installed software, mobile and WIFI, networks, smartphones, internet routers, IP (internet Protocol) and the magnetic stripe on cards, contact less (Wireless) payment and chip of bankcards or identity cards.

Weakness in security of computer hardware, operating system, installed software, mobile and WIFI, networks, smartphones, internet routers, IP (internet Protocol) and the magnetic stripe on cards, contact less (Wireless) payment and chip of bankcards or identity cards.

We can see weakness in security of TCP/IP protocol, VPN solutions AES 256 bit encryption – , Triple DES

HTTPS:// SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – Example: Heartbleed

Also, we see security of ID solutions like “One new code each time from security dongle for logging in or digitally signing documents” when logging in to webservice that it can be misused.
The architecture of computer hardware, operating system, web protocols, encryption and software network protocols, mobile network, router, WIFI network all have weaknesses in them that can be exploited with today’s knowledge and tools.

A completely new security and integrity (software and hardware) solution should be built for computer hardware, operating system, installed software, mobile networks, smartphones, internet routers, the magnetic stripe and chip of bankcards, contact less payment bankcards and security access cards.

With the architecture of todays system and reality around them, there is no 100 % secure solution out there in the entire world as I have seen.
If we are living inside a simulation like the movie “The matrix”, the system administrator of the simulation (Matrix) can read or change any passcode, encryption key, password, or network activity inside the simulation. Also, God could see the value inside hard drives or one-time code – security dongles, id solution security cards, memory, CPU, or network LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN – Wide Area Network/Internet.

The burning down of cell towers (for phone and smartphone with 3G, 4G, 5G mobile data network) might have a really good cause for burning them down.

The reason why they burn it down is because they feel sick from cell towers that send mobile phone calls and data.
This started with 3G and accelerated when 4G that people feel sick from the radiation, now people fear that they will get more radio/radiation sick with up-coming 5G networks. There is a lot more data now because of that people use mobile data network to browse Internet or skype video calls.
Many people say the can not stand electronic and radio noise/radiation.
Now sadly I found different values in watt for wireless transmission for cell towers, but that is just half of the equation. Now let say once source is right that it is 500 watt for one sector. Each smart phone is calculated to use 2 watts. Now that is not enough to hurt skin/organs in body, but in a city let’s say there is 50 000 smartphones in the same region. Now let’s say 10 % use the wireless mobile network at any time; That is 5 000 users x 2 watt = 10 000 watt and that can cause damage to electronic, people and animals.
Also, there is radio and TV transmission that have a lot of power put into the air. One source says this: A typical FM radio or TV transmitter might produce 50,000 watts, which is 25 times greater than the antenna cluster at Brock University. Certain short wave transmitters such as Radio Vatican and Voice of America have operated at 500,000 watts, which is 250 times greater than the same cluster. Numerous studies have been done of residents living near such transmitters.
I do not know if this is true or not. Then military communication and radars also put energy into the atmosphere.

Cell Phone Radiation Pops Popcorn:

See videos below of burning cell towers.

A task you can do is to travel 30 km into woods or mountains so you are 30 km away from cell towers, electricity grid, cars and houses. (or inside bunker underneath the ground) Then leave the mobile phone and other electronics at home. Bring matches and candle light and stay there for 1 day and one 1 night.

See if you feel better and notice if you have less brain activity and come back to me in comments field below article.

Medisner og formler

Dette trenger farmasøytiske industri å opplyse på arket over symptomer og bieffekter som følger med det arket som ligger med medisinene.
• Atomer i medisinen og dere molekylære sammensetning.
• En oversikt hva medisinen gjør på atom/molekylær med de forskjellige organer på atom/molekylær nivå i kroppen er, hva det omformes til og hva sluttresultat blir. til for organer slik som hjernen, blodet, skjellet, tungen, tenner, ørene, hår, øyne, tarm, kjønnsorganer, hjerte, lunger, muskler, sener, nerver, milt, lever, nyrer og huden.
• Så kan man skrive om bivirkning man kan måle, slik som symptomer personen får slik som feber, kramper, og hvor stor sannsynlig hvert symptom er i % av de som får medisinen.
• Så kan man notere eventuelle psykiske forandringer, f.eks. nedstemt, trøtt, over glad, trist, deprimert osv.