Why computers sometimes die without any obvious reason!

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There is some things that are dangerous for computers:

1. Water or other liquids.

2. To cold temperature.

3. To high temperature.

4. High or too low voltage.

4. Lightning that strikes directly into the machine, from electricity outlet, from network cable, DSL, Modem/cable TV(not fiber optical since it does not lead electricity), and/or other connected devices.

6. Vibration/shock.

7. Dust that gathers inside the computer, overheating and short circuit the circuits.

8. Viruses the causes damage to computer(example changing frequency of CPU/motherboard or voltage) can kill computer circuits.

9. Solar storms.

Solar storm is the most interesting trend that leads to broken computers and corrupt software.

A solar storm can lead to failure of computers over a long distance. Example in computers in Norway in both Oslo to Tromsø that is 1625 km away of each other and other locations like Haugesund, Bodø have at same time and day down to the minute during a solar storm a disk failure, plus other components died.

The solar storm can send magnetic waves, electrons, Proton/neutron, x ray and radio flux that kill the computer. IT can hit the computer directly, or thru Ethernet/broadband like DSL and to your computer. Or I can damage wireless access points, mobile modems, 3G,4G and 5G networks, DSL modem, Ethernet cards.

A solar storm can cause wrong data to be written to disk or erasing disk, it can also damage circuits inside computer so it will not start.

Another example I experienced on SHDSL 2Mbit internet connection was that a solar storm that happened while streaming video. Video stopped and I checked: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ as saw that a solar storm had just happened at that time video stopped. The SHDSL modem stopped functioning properly and was exchanged.

IT can knock out phone lines lika Analog, ISDN or DSL. It can harm central systems for mobilephones, amatuer radio, satelite, TV analog and TV digital by ground signal or by satelite, Ethernet cabeled networks. Gigabit fiber optical should be the only broadband solution businesses and private households should get, fiber optical cost to establish, but price is low for a month for Gigabit internet connection,, it is stable and it is not affected by lightning , solarstorm, or water on the copper wires to the phone company. It cost but it is reliable.


Also check: https://spaceweather.com/

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