Quantum Computed medical data and imaging, diagnostic and treatment.

Quantum Computed medical data and imaging, diagnostic and treatment.

A brave new world is coming forth.

Most X-ray examinations gives the end diagnostics result: Nothing pathological found. In statistics from 2008 found here: http://www.nrpa.no/dav/dc3ba89a7a.pdf  the number of x-ray examinations in Norway would count to be the same as if  90 % of the population went once to an x-ray examination a year.

But wait you can’t say that 70-80 % of all patients that goes to an MRI, CT or X-Ray examination have imagination pain, phantom pains or psychiatric problems. There is a cause for it, it just all about having the right diagnostic tools to find it.

An full count of all the atoms in the body would count to number of 7000 yottabytes. The quantum state and configuration of all atoms would be a significantly larger data set.

Therefor we will see in the future Quantum Large Scale Computed medical data and imaging run through diagnostics and then even reverse the imaging process and correcting the data set or “image” and apply it to the patient to heal the patient.

This is technological, science and medical breakthrough we see that is yet to come, but that sooner or later must come.

What we are going to discover in the future as I think is that we are going to see is that pain can be inflicted by God, devil or people or even the universe itself due to example misalignment, misconfiguration or wrong bits in the central nervous system or brain creating strange effects in the patient.

This field discussed in this article is research and development we are doing at Unlimited Computing.