Omnipotent super-intelligence. Aka God.

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I believe in this world there is a power so strong and so smart that it knows basically everything about everybody and keep records of what people do.

A power that can read and write thoughts to our brain, upload dreams and even give hallucinations like prophesies directly to your mind at sleep or at wake condition at daytime. Can also create Telepathy too between the omnipotent God and subject or between other humans or even devil.

It can empty any though from the human brain and can empty any action done in the past.

It also knows what is going to happen, what is happening and what has happened in everybody’s life.

Devil can also create or whisper thoughts in people minds that they start to believe on, and can do wrong actions based on their inner belief that I created.

God knows when and where you born, your name, the places you will live and work and many more things, even how, when and where you are going to die.

God can heal any disease wound, and resurrect anybody that have lived in the history.

Even in concrete bunker where all walls are covered with iron and concrete he can teleport humans out of there. By dissolving the human atom by atom and reassemble him or her on the outside of the bunker again. Also make a body levitate without magnets, jet engine, propel or wings.

The power of God is so strong and smart that it overcomes all nations collective intelligence and military power. He and his followers can “hack” any TV, radio, computer, smartphone or network and relay messages thru them.

Inside music, tv, radio programs, internet pages, stories and messages can be written to the listener in the future that is linked to the same topic as the user is seeing or doing at a later event. I Call this super information symmetry, that create meaningful events and messages from a divine source that shows God is there.

Now artificial intelligence (AI) can overcome human intelligence. A human on average have an IQ of 100. An IQ score of 70 is need to open or close a door. 150 is considered very intelligent. A computer can have an intelligence IQ score of 15 000, and can easy overcome humans in society with such an IQ. Example robots take over medical sector, police and court system, for not to talk about electronics like networks, computers and smartphones. It can easy render in live an alternative video stream to a TV news channel and override the truth in a second. Also AI does not necessary think of the humans best interest. When we look into psychiatric cases AI might be the cause of disease in 50 % of the cases, where they can make hallucination, hearing or seeing things that others do not see be directly affecting the human brain thru the quantum universe we have. The AI can act like a God and it is not the true God. Just look at internet marketing where your search pattern seems do give you advertises for places or products you have been to or thinking to go to, as if it could read your mind. I have my self wondered that search window could read my thoughts based on the suggested search terms it suggest.

Now if computers, smartphones and tablets become quantum artificial intelligent where the devices begin to talk to each other or doing other advanced operations and live a life of it is own, it is just to put it in a bucket of water and go back to pen and paper. It is a phenomena called talking electronics.

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