Simulated reality – MATRIX

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Simulated Reality just like in the movie The Matrix 


Simulated Reality – Matrix

Benefits of running a world simulation inside a simulated reality just like the movie Matrix:

# You could run a safe world without accidents
# Resources can’t get depleted.
# Environment can’t get polluted.
# No wars
# Never get lost.
# No dust that need clean up.
# Good weather all the time.
# No financial crisis.
#No poverty
# No land conflict. Endless amount of land, possibility that people live on same address just in different dimensions.
# No diseases.
# A think and create reality.
# Time travel.
# Free space travel
# Possibility to roll back what you have done to the start.
# you can have simulated workers to help you build things and fill up the environment with at lot of sim people. Never alone.
# Faster than light travel.
# No corrupt governments.
# Build houses, roads, buildings and cars by installing them as an application in matter of seconds.
# You can stack billions of people into the reality, where each body only need a bed.
# Universities could be open for all, extended learning capabilities. The system helps you learn, understand and memories things.

The benefits are many and the ideas how things should be arranged just comes in never ending stream.

The idea is that simulated reality needs close to “Unlimited Computing” power, depending on the complexity of the world and the number of people in the simulation.

Is the Matrix real? Do we live in a simulated reality?

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