If Fusion energy works we will have really low energy prices

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If fusion energy works and we can mass produce energy from this concept of using lasers, then energy prices will never be more than 1-2 euro cents or 1-2 USD cents per kWh. This is big! Really great achievements!

Oil prices could also plummet to very low levels, talking about 5-10 USD a barrel, because everybody will want to switch to clean new energy sources that are cheaper.


With fusion, there is no CO2, no pollution, and no radioactive elements there are in plutonium or uranium-run reactors.


Enough energy for the whole world for heating, cooling air-conditions, transportation (electric car), industry, and house appliances like tv, vacuum cleaner, computer, fridge, washing machines, and dishwashers.

I also talk about using lasers to do the job to start the process.

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