Online Real Time Volume Modfication and Mosaic Digital and Analog Real Life Rendering With Super Information Symmetry

You know you can make a manuscript  for what to happen during a show. In this way you know what is going to happen in the future and you also control the future of what other people will experience.

Now real time real life mosaic rendering with super information symmetry is a concept where life follows a plan that is not clear or obvious for others than the people it that is seeing the revelation.

You need help from a couple of parties to make it happen.

A. The audience in the room watching TV and story teller.
B. The narrator in the room.
C. The TV show people.
D. The universe, God or higher intelligent beings also called aliens.

Now lets say that B. narrator is telling about geoengineering. That earth is designed by aliens and land is formed by design.

In the same time the TV is on, and C. the TV people is holding up a poster on a real life real time showing “Geoengineering” at the same time as B. the narrator is tells about geoengineering.

It can be a poster, a text message, a image, or a voice saying the word.

Then B. the narrator speaks about that it is necessary for a better understanding of the universe to do geoengineering and terraforming. 

Then at the same time C. the TV shows a image of the universe with the text underneath it “The universe – we are not alone”

Then the A. Audience recognizes the system, the pattern in  the super information symmetry in what the B. narrator says C. the TV is also saying same( and TV is just tuned into a random channel) The TV sends out images as mosaic.

Now B. the narrator is telling A. the audience that what they are seeing here is super information symmetry in what the B narrator is saying is what the C. The TV is organized and plan to say at the same time in both images,  text and audio.

To push envelope even further so to speak, he B. narrator goes on telling that this super information symmetry is only possible with help of D. higher level of intelligence outside our dimension.

Also the people and places in the TV show is people and places the A. audience know of personally to make matters even more interesting.

At the same time C. the TV shows a poster saying a “our aliens friends” as they speak about UFO.

The A.  audience gets the sens of that this is really something above our dimension and that it is planned and that somebody is able to control what both C. TV and B. Narrator is saying and linked them to deliver their messages after each other to the audience in the room.

All this is possible inside dynamical universe that can compute what people should say and do at a given time. It can be a proof of that we are living inside a simulation. If it is not a simulation and it is real life, the it all could be a coinsedense or that the universe has more secrets than we know of and it is working completely different than we think it do.

Anyway the technology and knowledge today to do a stunt like that on the fly is not developed yet in this dimension as  we live, but it can be arranged from another dimension above our 3D plane.

All this can be coordinated by God like beings that can build a future path of what to happen to whom and where..

It can be a proof of existence of God or a system. Anyway the discipline in coordinating the events in this story is so high that people call it a miracle and those that have seen it, has said I had never thought about information in this way before.

‘IF you experience this form of Super Information Symmetry please send and e-mail to: fr*****@un****************.no and tell about it.

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