Three things destroy the energy and spirit in house and property.

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Things that destroy a house or property if it happens in it:

  1. Rape
  2. Murder
  3. Torture

If murder happens in a house, the house might have to have removed completely /burned down and concrete floor and masses removed and new concrete put there in the basement.

They say murder, rape, and torture stick to the floor and walls of a house. The house will be marked by God that bad happened inside it with info on who did what and who got raped, tortured, or murdered there.

The sinner and the owner will not get the sin away from the house before the house is burned down and a new concrete floor is created and a completely new house from new materials is built on top of that.

Washing it might not help to remove it. Some cleanse it by burning down the house, some try to clean it with a small flamethrower/weed burner that runs on propane/butane while they go from room to room to burn the air in the house(not the house)

Also if somebody did magic in a house, the only way to clean it out is by fire from a weed burner. You will see that the blue gas flame turns into big yellow flames when it hits magic(Magic=nanotechnology/or maybe black fractals, spirits, whatever it might be). Then to restore the peace is to spray the whole house with holy water, water that you blessed before spraying it. Some experience nightmares every night and/or no sleep or strange feelings, strange things happening in the house, and that can be a sign of magic.

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