Regular Backup of data is important

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If you get a lightning strik on your computer or a solar storm data on computer might get lost. Hardware storage like SSD og mechanical HDD can fail without any external source doing the damage of it.

Viruses can delete all files on your computer.

Hacker can also damage or delete all files on your computer and and for a ransom money to get the data back again.

Now you can backup to a USB flashdrive, HDD og SSD USB disk, or you can backup CD/DVD or Blueray disc.

The nice thing wtih CD/DVD/Blueray is that it does not get easy damaged by solar storms, magnetic forces. Always store the backup medium in another location/house and in a safe.

Important when burning a CD/DVD/Blueray is that you can set the burning speed to example: 48X. But if you want to make a better and stronger backup you can choose example 24X recording speed. It takes longer time, but the laser is longer time on each byte on the disc, then the track pattern gets more clear and strong so it is readable even if backup disc get some scratches on it will survive, and recording errors, or buffer underrun(that should result in that the burning software says the disc failed because of buffer underrun.) causes are less likely to happen.

Always remember to close all apps(not included backup software)s and documents before running the backup.

Make it a regular task to take backup.

After backup is completed, remove USB dongle, USB SSD/HDD or disc from the computer and put it in a safe or secure location. Remember to keep the backup medium away from: strong heat, sun, humidity and frost.

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