Project CADIS: Cybernetics Artificial Digital Intelligent Systems

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Unlimited Computing is currently working on a project  called CADIS: Cybernetics Artificial Digital Intelligent Systems. In short you can call it AI – Artificial intelligence.

We have seen that AI is the solution for handling large amount of information that transforms like DNA/Stem cell activity.

We also see that it can be used in diagnostic imagining, to pre-scan examinations before radiologist view them to find those cases with findings of a disease, so they can be treated first.

We also would need AI in simulated reality (like the movie “Matrix)
This AI is needed for holding the simulation alive and a dynamically experience of the simulated reality.

With AI we can simulated how a specific drug would affect cells in the body without testing it on a living patient. Trials and errors can then be done many million times with recording of each event for learning later on.

Advanced pattern recognition uses AI.

More about AI:

You have Siri on Apple iPhone that uses AI.

There is projects like the computer Watson IBM.

 More AI videos:

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