What is DICOM – (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)

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DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting medical images and related information. It is widely used in the healthcare industry to facilitate the exchange of medical images and related data between different systems and devices.

DICOM is a comprehensive standard that includes a set of protocols, data structures, and file formats that are used to represent and transmit medical images and other related information, such as patient demographics and clinical information. It is designed to be interoperable, which means that it can be used to exchange medical images and data between different systems and devices, regardless of the manufacturer or software platform.

DICOM is used in a variety of applications in the healthcare industry, including medical imaging, patient records management, and telemedicine. It is an important tool for improving the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare delivery and is widely used by hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations around the world.

Overall, DICOM is a critical component of the healthcare industry and is likely to continue to play a significant role in the management and exchange of medical images and data in the future.

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