Information stored in Mosaic can be rendered as a story.

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Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.

If you put one picture after another you can create a story. Many pictures put together can create a larger picture.

This article is somewhat linked to our previous article:

Now lets say you put SIS Super information symmetry into the picture you can add following to the picture experience:

  • You can add text to the image as supplement.
  • you can add audio.
  • the image can create a feeling in your body like a mood change.
  • The image can create a sense of understanding the situation in the image.

an example is a image of Jesus can create:

  • a feeling of something divine – god.
  • A feeling of something holy and peaceful.

Now if you add text to the image people will understand who it is: Jesus.

Now in a Matrix simulated reality (or for God) it would not be difficult to add feelings and even words into your brain when you see specific images.

an example would be:

Let’s say you are walking down the street and you are thinking about if you should propose to your girlfriend this weekend because the weather report is good and you want to do it outdoors.

Now as just as you think yes I should propose to her this weekend. This image occurs on your path your are walking:

Affirming you thoughts with a thumbs up that you should do it this weekend. A feeling of right doing and love might rush thru your body at the same moment to affirm you that its the right thing to do.

Now the information (the image) you are seeing is “super linked” to the thoughts of your brain and comes as synchronicity into your “live life stream” of the world experience you are experiencing as you are walking down the street.

Image could be a commercial sign for example: Always like Coca Cola, but for you it is put there by God (or system admin) to be targeted information in your real world simulation to answer your thoughts. It could be a poster, from TV, a video, or from the internet where you see it.

The question is do images, audio, and text signs create a mosaic story that fits subliminal into our life story?  I think it do.

Another question that rises then is:

Who created a system like this? the devil? God? the Jews? The Orthodox Church? me?

Who knows?


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