Frequency of reality

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Frequency of reality

I listened once to a radio program called Coast to Coast AM –

There they where talking about that American scientists had found out that the world has a frequency of 22 Trillion Hz (now I might think it can be a lot more than that)

Then somebody told me that humans vibrate at 6-8Trillion Hz.

Now i do not know if this two numbers are true, (it need to be tested and verified) but I can imagine that is, because of how the world and universe i build up and functioning.

If this is true then we are living inside an entity (I would say God) that makes the world move forward and make people walk, talk and think thru vibrations that is editing the atoms, photons and electrons state that make the shift in time and space.

It means the entity is self aware and aware of us humans and animals living on earth to make the story between people coherent and trustworthy.

Now if everything in the world, including universe, sun, planets etc are a frequency then there must be a higher intelligence that tells the vibration matter what to vibrate.

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