The burning down of cell towers (for phone and smartphone with 3G, 4G, 5G mobile data network) might have a really good cause for burning them down.

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The reason why they burn it down is because they feel sick from cell towers that send mobile phone calls and data.
This started with 3G and accelerated when 4G that people feel sick from the radiation, now people fear that they will get more radio/radiation sick with up-coming 5G networks. There is a lot more data now because of that people use mobile data network to browse Internet or skype video calls.
Many people say the can not stand electronic and radio noise/radiation.
Now sadly I found different values in watt for wireless transmission for cell towers, but that is just half of the equation. Now let say once source is right that it is 500 watt for one sector. Each smart phone is calculated to use 2 watts. Now that is not enough to hurt skin/organs in body, but in a city let’s say there is 50 000 smartphones in the same region. Now let’s say 10 % use the wireless mobile network at any time; That is 5 000 users x 2 watt = 10 000 watt and that can cause damage to electronic, people and animals.
Also, there is radio and TV transmission that have a lot of power put into the air. One source says this: A typical FM radio or TV transmitter might produce 50,000 watts, which is 25 times greater than the antenna cluster at Brock University. Certain short wave transmitters such as Radio Vatican and Voice of America have operated at 500,000 watts, which is 250 times greater than the same cluster. Numerous studies have been done of residents living near such transmitters.
I do not know if this is true or not. Then military communication and radars also put energy into the atmosphere.

Cell Phone Radiation Pops Popcorn:

See videos below of burning cell towers.

A task you can do is to travel 30 km into woods or mountains so you are 30 km away from cell towers, electricity grid, cars and houses. (or inside bunker underneath the ground) Then leave the mobile phone and other electronics at home. Bring matches and candle light and stay there for 1 day and one 1 night.

See if you feel better and notice if you have less brain activity and come back to me in comments field below article.

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