The hearing of voices that is not in the room and hallucinations is more common than we think and it might not be a psychiatric disease either.

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One out of ten hears voices that are not in the room.

1 out of 20 (5%) of us has hallucinations.

19.86% of adults are experiencing a mental illness in the USA.

Half of the world’s population gets at least one psychiatric moment during their lifetime.

10 % of the population on earth has “Exploding Head Syndrome”:

So it is not only people who are schizophrenic or take drugs that are hearing voices or seeing hallucinations.

Now when it comes to hearing things or seeing hallucinations, as I see it it can be by spirits and demons (and a daemon look here: doing it by people or demons just saying a black prayer and a quantum computer artificial intelligence stored somewhere in or outside the universe(on in another dimension or underneath the earth) translate the prayer into machine code for the universe to execute, and then it generates the effect on the human mind on they see or hear things not in the room as other see.

Now, these machines can have followed you through your whole life and know everything about you and that is why they can say or do things that are always one step in front of you.

God on the other hand does not do evil by generating these hallucinations, schizophrenic/psychiatric moments, or hearing sounds. It is not his thing to do that! I think it all comes from the devil or a computer system somewhere far away and in a secure location. Of course, there are those religious people who say that other people can talk to somebody else through the halo and that the halo can work as a quantum communication (radio).

Human development has not come far enough compared to this system.

The system must be there in logic we can see it, there are just too many reports of people with hallucinations and hearing voices that it can be just a freak event of nature. By the way, the brain is busy feeling and thinking! and generating sounds that are not there is not something it can do, it is not made for it, it is another system behind the brain in another dimension we can not go to yet here on earth. That is how I logically see it.

So people are not schizophrenic or crazy, they are just affected by bad behavior from a smart computer/machine.

I do not believe that there are as many mentally sick people as there are in reports. I think it is a system doing it, and that system makes people believe they are sick. The brain is not made for making hallucinations or hearing voices that are not there. 

I talked about it before in an article that a human has an IQ of 100 points average, and an artificial intelligence quantum computer with a quantum CPU and an optical CPU on 500 GHz could have an IQ of 1400 and up to a million points easily in IQ, so this system easy wins over patients and psychologists.

As I see it. God can transmit messages to people’s heads, also the devil can, and the universe can do the same. If we all are connected to a computer like in the movie the Matrix with a computer signal cable connected to our brain it is not difficult for that computer to send voices or hallucinations into the brain from the operator of the computer or the computer doing it.

It = the system that generates voices and hallucinations that disturbs the peace and general way of living for people.

My advice would be to people who hear or hallucinate will be that: “Say: voices go away or hallucinations go away! stupid artificial intelligence machine stop it!” Ignore it and then go out for a walk or do something else.

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