Quantum communication

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Quantum communication

The way I see it: Santa Claus will in the future not come to internet broadband suppliers, mobile phone operators, tv cable/coax, ground broadcasting or thru air/radio/tv or satellite broadcasting, or phone companies. In other words: They will all go bankrupt. Maybe one communication central /machine in each countries will be left.


They will just stop earning money and after some time they are out of business.

What wrong did they do?

They did not do anything wrong in that sense,

but with Quantum Communication technology it will not be necessary with radio/tv broadcast wireless, fiber, coax, copper wires, or wireless communication.


New technologies in Quantum communication makes existing solutions/technologies obsolete including routers, switches and WIFI basestations. Look how nice it would be not to have TV coax cable laying in living room, no network cables and no WIFI in the house.

With Quantum Communication you can call to a planet 500 light years away! Now if you would use radio communication you would use 500 years to send “hello” wireless to the other end, and 4 seconds + 500 ears to hear “good day” back again. With Quantum communication this communication is faster than light! It is instant! No delay to call to another galaxy far far away!

To what speed in data communication can we expect? 10 Terabit easy with 1 ms delay regardless of distance. There is no radio waves to pick up as we know now, and that there is secure communication that nobody else than the two nodes connected to each other can spy on that communication.

It is coverage all over the universe, even on the backside of earth if the sender and receiver is on two different faces of the earth! The technology do not need free line of sight as normal in wireless communication. It is a complete new system.

Nearly all internet providers with technologies like this: optical fiber, coax cable, copper: ISDN, ADSL, SHDSL, analog, satellite and wireless will not be able to compete with this new technology.

Quantum communication will work on smartphones, tablets, surveillance cameras, computers, toys, smart tv like Youtube, Netflix/HBO, Apple TV, Chrome cast, TV and radio broadcasting with “full coverage anywhere without speed dropping and without packet loss”

The energy that is required for quantum communication is maybe as low as 1 unit compared to 100 unites today. Smartphone batteries will live much longer because of this!



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