Quantum communication

Quantum communication

The way I see it: Santa Claus will in the future not come to internet broadband suppliers, mobile phone operators, tv cable/coax, ground broadcasting or thru air/radio/tv or satellite broadcasting, or phone companies. In other words: They will all go bankrupt. Maybe one communication central /machine in each countries will be left.


They will just stop earning money and after some time they are out of business.

What wrong did they do?

They did not do anything wrong in that sense,

but with Quantum Communication technology it will not be necessary with radio/tv broadcast wireless, fiber, coax, copper wires, or wireless communication.


New technologies in Quantum communication makes existing solutions/technologies obsolete including routers, switches and WIFI basestations. Look how nice it would be not to have TV coax cable laying in living room, no network cables and no WIFI in the house.

With Quantum Communication you can call to a planet 500 light years away! Now if you would use radio communication you would use 500 years to send “hello” wireless to the other end, and 4 seconds + 500 ears to hear “good day” back again. With Quantum communication this communication is faster than light! It is instant! No delay to call to another galaxy far far away!

To what speed in data communication can we expect? 10 Terabit easy with 1 ms delay regardless of distance. There is no radio waves to pick up as we know now, and that there is secure communication that nobody else than the two nodes connected to each other can spy on that communication.

It is coverage all over the universe, even on the backside of earth if the sender and receiver is on two different faces of the earth! The technology do not need free line of sight as normal in wireless communication. It is a complete new system.

Nearly all internet providers with technologies like this: optical fiber, coax cable, copper: ISDN, ADSL, SHDSL, analog, satellite and wireless will not be able to compete with this new technology.

Quantum communication will work on smartphones, tablets, surveillance cameras, computers, toys, smart tv like Youtube, Netflix/HBO, Apple TV, Chrome cast, TV and radio broadcasting with “full coverage anywhere without speed dropping and without packet loss”

The energy that is required for quantum communication is maybe as low as 1 unit compared to 100 unites today. Smartphone batteries will live much longer because of this!



Old Testament – When the lord comes he will speak one language that all can understand!

From the Old Testament: When the lord comes he will speak one language that all can understand!

Well the lord might come with a complete new language that is pure and everybody instant understand!


The Lord and people can download Google Translate app on App store for Apple product or Google Play store for Android! Or go to website: http://translate.google.com

There anybody can use the microphone button and speak into the mic in their language and translate from nearly any language to any language in the world that with either text or voice is played out into the other language!

Is it so hard to believe? One small step at the time – I will be there!

Estimate on how many electric cars can be made with litihuim batteries

Now some say that there is enough lithium in the world to produce about 50 million cars, my estimates are about 80 million cars. After that nobody can get hold of any new electric car.

Now today there is more than a billion cars that runs on fossile fuel!

When fossile runs out, we must have something else then lithium batteries! Hydrogen fuel cells or annhilathon of matter technology must come.

Now if would replace fossile fuels with nuclear power we would deplete the worlds uranium and plutonium resources in 1-2 years.

The only viable solution is inside this link:

I had a dream(nightmare) about a CPU system collapse world wide.

I had a dream(nightmare) about a CPU system collapse world wide.

The dream was about the following affected CPU: Intel i7 series and Intel i9 series, iPhone 5s up to iPhone 12. AMD was not affected.

What will happened to this devices?

In the dream I dreamed that this units had quantum communication circuit embedded into the cpu for the purpose of spying (and communication ) on device/user and communicating to external spy server without internet cable, no wifi, no mobile network. With quantum communication there is NO radio signals. The network speed can easy be 1 Terra bit a second with quantum communication, nearly no power is needed for transmission. I dreamed that because of a system reset to resolve a bug, will make all quantum entangled particles in their server and inside the CPU untangled and broken. This will lead to their servers and that the device you have will shutdown and never boot again. It does not help to not connect to internet by wifi, cable, or mobile data to avoid this from happening.

New circuit must be shipped out in the dream.

Now solar storms, electron burst, high magnetically forces, radio waves, radiation can also destroy the quantum entangled state.

This would lead to a world wide collapse in information systems, especially in logistics and manufacturing systems. All systems with this technological components will stop function at the same time world wide.

Now regardless if the dream is true or not, if they have made “Quantum communication circuits”, they must be reprogrammed with a new chip to work again, by now I do not know if it would be possible to download a new quantum state from internet, I do not think so.

So regardless of who manufacture what devices – if they have this “Quantum Communication Circuits” embed in the system they can collapse and stop functioning.

That is why this circuits need an extra new chip (with an entangled quantum state) to be inserted into system if it stops working! They do not have a good way to do this now as I see.

Regardless if the dream is true or not, the case itself is a real threat to established systems.

Now in the dream they told me that a huge antennae on top of a mountain is just for show, that the Digital Ground TV signals are already based on quantum communication and not radio waves. Now I took my Multi-Field EMF Meter /magnetically field, and electrical field devices detectors (two types and two different devices) and measured this sender/transmitter and it had not signals flowing! I measured other senders other places some where alive and some are “dead”.

Now if “Quantum entangled Communication” become public available as internet routers and mobile phone connection to internet/phone network, then nearly all phone and internet companies around the world will go bankrupt because we will not need them anymore.