RESOLUTION of human eyes

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The human resolution of eyes are 576 megapixels that is 288 HD cameras or HD TV lined up.

If you think it is about 5.2 mbit in HD stream, when at data in raw format data are at 50 Mbits per second into the brain – video stream from eyes to brain .

That is 14 Gbit per second into the brain from the eyes. A network adapter on a computer have 1 Gbit network speed. So you need 14 computers to handel the video stream from eyes to a computer or video recorder.

It was said on Coast to Coast AM radio a story about that the reality vibrates at 30 Terra Hertz, some said later that human atoms vibrate at 6 trillion Hertz.

Brain of human frequency is from 1-30 hz, , where 30 Hz is highly alert and 1 Hz is asleep.

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