The power of the word and picture

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Look at this! Airplane call tower to ask for clear for landing and says:

“Tower come inn!”

Alle the bullets and rockets come into the flight tower and walls and windows break into building in destruction:

Look at this image in this link:

Then Tower answers: Tower over!

It is completely over! It is done, toast, destructed! (in Norwegian accounting rules: Varig tap av varig driftsmidler og eiendom! Means eternal and completely loss of property and assets.


They play computer war game on the link above! What they create an image of in mind or in movies or computer games can haunt people later and even happen in real life if they do not remove it or say this is just an false image as demonstration.

Look at this link:

In memoriam: The Defense of Donetsk Airport (25 May 2014 – 22 January 2015)

Look at airport before and after. Total ruins!

I might have travel to airport like that, and looked like that in ruins afterwards, or it was in ruins and raised up from ruins. Anyway you like it

I go onboard airplane, open a bottle of coca cola, (always dark matter) I could not afford first class so I had to take last class home:

So sorry about the airplane that got annihilated! Sitting and flying around in that crap is hard work to keep it flying and lots of free air. People could had a mental break down that airplane landed without front, wings, engines, and somebody walk out of that airplane. Cracy fluke of my mind.

That is how angry something can get when they see somebody invisible that are following me for protection(or destruction) that I or that person had experienced, seen, heard something wrong done to them.

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