A possible reason for why we have FAKE NEWS is that we might have an HIDDEN artificial intelligent “Media Server” on the Internet.

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The hidden “AI Media Server” does it exist? Because it has no way of it being detected with network scan, ip scan, router scan, mac address, ping or tracert because it is inside a special VLAN, between two different nodes/routers/IP addresses, with twi networks cards(without IP inn traffic and out traffic)and it is put into bridge mode and inside the bridge there is software and hardware logic that the the Server/ computer computes, where the sever is between those two network cards and that logical software on the server/ computer rewrites close to all important information flowing thru the internet that the system dislike.

Now since I author of this article claims that there is higher power above human power that controls a lot, I must say that People, God and Devil (and systems) can control computer systems/network, server/smartphones, state leaders, politicians, news reports and at last the public. Everybody that watches tv, internet and newspapers has seen that this “Fake News” is some sort of arranged event with hidden control behind it. Now of course politicians, state leaders, journalists, and the public is all together affected by laws, religions, economy, politics, world state and situations, crisis, war and many other things.

So what is it that still people say it is fake news?

Because example the numbers can not be correct!

Because an event happened or did not happen that people know about in general public that media filters out.

Beirut in Lebanon explosion:


They said in BBC News:

the blast was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a warehouse.

This was the ship the ammonium nitrate came with: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Rhosus

They said the explosion came from 2750 ton ammonium nitrate that came from the ship MV Rhosus; the ship net tonnage is said to be 964 net tonnage! Ship could not transport 2750 ton, only 964 ton, 1786 ton to much= Fake News!

My first thought when I saw that this is not possible because the numbers don´t add up I thought that they “tested” a new type of bomb, more powerful than a nuclear bomb, without radiation, tested on people, just because people hate people, do not need any other agenda. Have anybody tested Beirut for radiation after the explosion?

Now let´s say as an example: this information about the blast was handed over to journalist by e-mail from the “government” in Lebanon or other news outlet in Beirut. The “Media Server” intercepts this e-mail, rewrite it, remove the information that “Osama Bin Laden” carried out the terror event and threatening with new terror events(that he Osama Bin Laden is not dead) and that they have more powerful bombs than nuclear bomb, where the new powerful bomb is fitting into a small luggage container for traveling by airline. Now the reason why the “Media Server removes the information about Osama Bin Laden is alive is that it would not be “politically correct” to say that he is alive when US Government has claimed to kill him.

Now the “Media Server” has artificial intelligence that rewrites this e-mail in about 1 second delay and send it to the reporter! Now if you do background check, re check the numbers you see that the Artificial Intelligence has flaws like broken logic in sentence structure, numbers, names, places, and laws of physics, math, justice / law, religion. It makes up a happy wonderland stories where nothing is evil, bad or wrong just like peace, harmony, love and understanding.

Now two other reasons why this is fake news is that they say it is an accident. That can not be true!

Because ammonium nitrate must be mixed with diesel to be able to explode, and third they must have a fairly large amount of “dynamite” or other types explosives like plastic explosive planted inside the ammonium nitrate where the dynamite fuse must be lid and dynamite most detonate first to make the ammonium nitrate detonate. If you light it up ammonium nitrate without be mixed with diesel, or mixed with diesel it will noe explode! It needs dynamite explosion to explode the ammonium nitrat . and there is no news in any news outlet claiming that ammonium nitrate was mixed with diesel. (You must mix diesel and blend it good together ammonium nitrate) There is no news that there was stored dynamite or other explosives other than fireworks in that Area! If you put fire on ammonium nitratet with matches it will just burn and not explode. This information on how to make that a bomb like this is public available on the internet like her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANFO

It is as I see not enough that oil and fireworks where placed there because the oil had to be mixed properly with the ammonium nitrate. Using fireworks explosion even if it is planted inside ammonium nitrate will most likely detonate the ammonium nitrate without diesel.

Fake News:


Or they just used a regular bomb and lied about that they had ammonium nitrate stored there!

This is not an accident in Lebanon in Beirut. It is an act of war or terrorism.

Two completely different stories!

Which is the right one is the most right one when you see the lie?!?!?

The Example story I came with here or the story in www.bbc.com news?

Another example:

Take any president in any country!

Let say president says I will kill all in the group of people named #”&@”! in the world.

Now journalist see this, and say: now we got you mr president you are a racist and murderer.

This “live” video stream from government can be 40 seconds delayed over the internet, or up 40 minutes delayed or even more and it can be pre recorded too.

Now the journalist write this story and click publish both on example www.cnn.com and www.bbc.com

I think the “AI Media Server” is so strong that it can live with less than 20 ms second delay rewrite a speech (audio) and redraw (render) video in HD, UHD and 8K and broadcast out to the whole world as a live stream on internet and/or on TV.

Now they see the story there!

But for all the other viewers on the internet connecting to the news outlet they do not see the article about that story, because without showing it, (even with SSL/https:// connection) internet around the Media Server can be configured can use “VLAN” that sends the information thru the “Media Server” as a bridged ethernet device with two network cards (inn and out web IP traffic) that do not show on trace route or ping, that can rewrite the entire www.bbc.com webpage and cnn.com webpage in less that half a second! That is how much computing power one CPU core at 3 Ghz can do! Today we have 8-24 cores (and even more than 28 CPU cores and several cpu sockets on server + several servers can have load balancing between them; With other words: it is technologically possible todo this things with todays technology)

Now if you see the video effects the film industry in Hollywood make it is astonishing – completely over the edge of your fantasy. Now this film technology thru example augmented reality, artificial intelligence can do a lot. Example in 1995 I had software that could morph my voice(today we can program software with our voice so it sounds like anybody else voice on the other end after clicking play) and augmented reality is so good now that it can create nearly any effect that seems to be a real life picture(that is a drawing) of example a tiger. And that is on a smartphone today that have that computing power. (Just Google: “Tiger” on iPhone X or newer and then scroll down to view in 3D – this is Augmented Reality done on the fly with the smartphones computing power.

Now computers have a lot more(and larger group of servers, quantum computers and optical computers have more than enough computing power to handle the task) and it can render any persons face/body, it can simulate any persons voice!

So the journalist publish the information on their webpage, and visitors from public/internet sees the CNN.com version where the article is removed without anybody inside in CNN knowing about it. (because it is not (it can also be removed from the web server thru backdoors,) on the server of CNN the page is there but it is then removed page from “Media Server” that simulate CNN, and CNN see a lot of traffic to that article they published it the traffic is “fake traffic” and not real readers! The Media Server can also simulate phone calls to journalist telling that they liked the article, or ask them to remove it or something else. It can generate false faces of persons that do not exists. Example here: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com (click control r to reload the page to see another face, or go into the page again with the url above to see a new face) – computer generated faces of people that does not exists. It can send false tweets, facebook pages, e-mail to anybody.

It can use any known face, or make a completely new face.

It can make a new voice to new fake face or use the voice of existing person with real face picture or real person, just animated for talk and movements.

It can make false facebook accounts where all the fake persons are friends with all the other fake persons, they all chat or talk about something naturally that people do not see as fake persons, same with instagram, youtube, twitter, google search results, all twitter or facebook contacts that contacts new outlets or even government e-mail, twitter, facebook can be fake contacts that people have.

They can play on unity, good income, rich, some political thing, news, ideologies, friendship, fake people working to help you with something or make you a better life, or you think you make their life good, and suddenly all facebook and twitter accounts are removed and closed down, and all the fake friends that you had can all disappear leaving you in a vacuum.

In half a second delay the “Media Server” can render any politician, police, governments, ambulance driver or fire brigade officer or any other person in “real time” It can happen on internet, it can happen on satellite, phone network, fiber optical cables, coax TV and Radio cable and analog and digital ground TV network.

Now if the journalist that published the article about president said something wrong and the president knew they would fall.

So the bad words the president said and what he wanted todo would be on the live regardless if it is https://www.reuters.com , www.cnn.com. www.foxnews.com or www.bbc.com that broadcast it on the thru internet filtered away and some other “generic” speech would occur, or the video stream is cut and another video stream is shown instead.

I see this happened many times while someone is talking on live tv, and when a point (that creates anger or dispute in public) comes it is filtered out. It happens instantly on the moment the person being interviewed say something predicted by AI that the machine do not like. Facebook and twitter also used AI to filter networks because they call it fake news, spam, or hate speech. Now if it democracy and freedom of speech I can not see that they by law are entitled to remove statements regardless of what they say.

So the “AI Media Server” reroutes all the web pages from major news outlets /newspapers and government, politicians, police, hospital, fire brigade, political parties, banks, national bank, to its super computer, rewrites the stories or remove them in 20 milliseconds, publish new fake video and then the internet surfer see the fake page where information is added or removed, without knowing that it is fake/edited. The president that wanted the statement to go out feels like an idiot when it is not out there. The journalist also feel like an idiot if the news did not appear on others internet connection/computer/smartphone.

I am afraid AI already has already taken some control of our life and systems.

Now what I have dreamed in my sleep is that this “AI Media Servers” that manipulate information and to some degree simulate reality are in Kyiv in Ukraine, Brazil, Bayern in Germany, Russia(Moscow), London in UK, Oslo in Norway, Washington DC in USA near the university, Israel, Italy, maybe in Paris in France, and one in HolyWood – Los Angeles USA. I dream that it us underneath ground in bunkers. Maybe this technology has not come yet? Who knows? Is it fake dream? is this technologically implemented now?

I know governments have some control where they can easy shut down huge part of internet inside a country, but if they do it then they will have huge rioters in 3 hours demanding and forcing them to turn the internet on again.

Then there is also “Data Retention Directive” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Retention_Directive

that if they want it they can affect the experience of the internet.

You say you do not believe that AI works! Well go buy the nicest and largest iPhone 12 max pro and set it up and say to it:” Hey Siri, play: Let it be by Beatles” (you must have Apple music subscription or downloaded the song before you do it. AI works very good! Ask it how much Apple stock is worth or something else, it works.

I think I could build a system like this “AI Media Server” in less than 7 years with a huge team of software and hardware developers (30 maybe) some computers, servers, routers, optical switches, and fibre optical connections. I think it is possible to create this webpage parsing and rewrite system of web pages and video: (Because it would be needed to have physical humans to operate, correct it, control it, review what the system is doing)and I do not consider that what I am trying to tell you is some sort of conspiracy, because I and many people have not heard this system/information but I fully believe that it is possible to create and operate a system like this, so I do not set today 12th of November 2020 set it as the truth that this “Media Server” exists, nor as conspiracy, but as an idea of a concept that can it actually be the truth that the “AI Media Server” is created and online now.

Why this system? Because somebody wanted stability and control and by that that it actually can be doing bad/evil because as en example here: important news about that people need to fix a problem does not come out to the public, then public do not get this information and disaster happens because the “AI Media Server” example flag this new article from government as hate speech and remove it because government tell people too seek shelter from asteroid that is going to make huge damage, and this aggression this asteroid is having(from AI system understanding) is because it will destroy the city. This tells the machine that this man or woman called asteroid (because it messed up with word and names and understanding of reality) is going to destroy a city, now I Computer will remove all parts of information about Mr. asteroid because he is fake news and stand for hate speech and destruction; that he say the he is going to with his aggression to destroy the city. This is crime says the “AI Media Server” IT can example fail because it thinks asteroid is a person and not a dead thing!

AI can sometimes fail great in it´s logic! AI can do serious damage and chaos because of virus/malware/trojan/backdoors, spy doors, programming errors, design fails and hardware errors/defective components.

Now do you know if your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc are alive? Or if a computer simulates that the person that you are friends with you on facebook are alive?

We need to log off and start seeing real people!

Nobody got the NEWS – Sorry to inform you that all citizens of the city died! My condolences!

Now all servers/computers/tablets/smartphones/routers, WIFI, Wireless internet connection, DSL modem, Fiber optical networks, Switches, TV/Radio should once a year 1th January every year be at mid day about 12:00 when that times reaches each country in the world, they should then power down all electricity in the house for10 minutes and then turn in on again, because it can remove viruses, malware, trojan, spy software, connections, bugs, artificial intelligent programs that have a task to communicate with other devices in the world without your knowledge or acceptance of it.

New update below from 4th of December 2020:


in Norwegian:


The reason why I wrote this article is that I had a dream with remote viewing about an AI Media server placed near the White House USA and near a University in Washington DC that controls the flow/content of communication between The White House e-mail and website e and news outlets.

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