Double-slit experiment – introducing a possible solution to it!

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Double-slit experiment – introducing a possible solution to it!

The double slit experiment has been discussed since 1801, and been discussed by Einstein and Bohr. So the problem has been around for some time now without no good answers to it.

Most people see the universe as a persistent reality like a hard rock physics is what the rock is – hard but nothing more to it than what we can measure and perceive.  We do not tend to see the universe as a dynamical system like a brain with intelligence built into it.

In the previous article i wrote:

We came to some conclusions there:

# That the universe is an intelligent computing machine –  maybe operated by God
# That it is DNA code executing machine
# That DNA, 1,5 Gigabyte is not enough to create a human.
# That we do not see 99 % of the code that creates the human body, it is hidden from us! Most is hidden from us! We only see atoms, cells and DNA, but the code operating and deciding the life span, replication of cells, placement of atoms is outside our control – it is not our source control.

Let’s see the universe as super intelligent machine state machine. It knows everything, been around for ever, will be for ever. Knows future and past states of it self.

Now if you know what is going to happen you can skip some calculations.

If you know that nobody is watching you can send instructions to matter as thought and matter example increases its nuclear spin because you add more energy to it. Note the fact that it has not been sent energy to it it has just increased the spin of atoms because atoms are then some sort of consciousness.

Now for the “Double Slits Experiment” where you fire electrons thru two slits! It knows ah I can cheat! Why fire the electron and move it thru space calculating both its speed, position and direction it is moving in space and make it hit the wall at a specific point. It it much easier to send it as wave or thought thru space and make it appear somewhere on the wall not important where. It can skip the hole electron as a particle moving thru space and send it as thought in sub system of the universe that we do not see.

Now the reason to do it this way is to save space, energy time and resources it takes to compute the process for the universe.

The measuring:

Now the universe sees that you are measuring the electron by putting up a measuring device, and then now the universe sees that the electron has a value and a purpose because it is measured and therefor it changes it behavior by sending  it thru space as a particle creating the two bands and not interference pattern. It has to compute the whole travel thru space. This idea sends the whole worlds understanding of the universe down the rabbit hole. The electron now is consciousness transformed to a particle and moved thru space. It is a system above our reality but operated below the electron scale. This idea creates logical diagram that is closed loop, by other words no loose strings in the philosophy.

If this is true what I suggest here , then building suns, planets and even galaxies can be done in days. We just have to reverse engineer the universe to find the language it obeys. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day.

You also have the problem that by observing something you also change it,and therefor changing its behavior. Not to difficult to understand is and it is not a p problem i think. What is a problem is how and what makes it change behavior and that might lay on another level of logic in the universe than we can see.

Conclusion: The universe have a logical operator built into its laws of the elements.

Here is thought on speed of light: It takes the light 8 minutes to reach the earth from the Sun, But still you can think in less than a second that you stand now on the earth and that you next move the focus on in your imagination that you are standing on the top of the sun, Thoughts goes faster than the speed of light! Therefor it should be possible to travel faster than the speed of light. Just look into quantum tunneling and quantum entanglement.

Copyright 2015 – Unlimited Computing – Tor Fredrik Bjerke –

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