Corona virus, viruses or bacterial infections, issues like pain in body, bad health, or psychiatric issues can have the same root cause from a nanotechnology system.

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They say we don’t have nanotechnology to do that! I disagree; the whole human body and all organs are biological nanotechnology. Circuit nanotechnology is: Your computer, WIFI network, Internet routers, smartphones, Table, memory, hard drives and digital cameras all is built on nanotechnology. Bacteria and viruses are also nanotechnology.

In 2007 the statistics in Norway on digital x-ray, CT, ultrasound and MRI was 3.9 million digital imagining studies on human performed. That of a population of 4.168 million people (plus some pets)
Now the radiologist said that about 80 % of all x-ray, CT, ultrasound, MRI that was taken based on symptoms of pain patients complained about had a result of nothing pathological found – it means nothing found on digital radiology images that could explain the pain the patients has.
Now some images are as small as 320×240 pixels, some are 800×600 pixels, mammography studies have 1024×1024 pixels and up to HD and beyond 2394 x 3062 pixels. Now the new imaging tool to detect the smallest nano particles would maybe have a resolution of 7001 208 925 819 614 629 174 706 176 pixels both ways. (not exact number on it yet)
This is a huge amount of the population, it is not a good thing to blame majority of the population in the world and say they have psychiatric issues like schizophrenia, while people go around feeling pain that drugs don’t fix. I believe that less than 10 % of all schizophrenia and other mental disease (not included post-traumatic stress) is because of damage or sickness in brain/nervous system. I believe symptoms comes to surface at patients because somebody or something( like machines like nanobots that don’t have any feelings and have no moral compass of what is wrong or right to do) wants to harm the patients or other things like take control of business, property, assets like money or knowhow, or to hurt other people, and that is maybe 70 % of all cases.

Does not matter if it is in field of psychiatric or somatic field, the pain, discomfort and symptoms have a source I believe that is outside the intention or thought of the patient to get this symptom. The problems can be external source, not the patient’s fault. I think maybe as much as 50-60 % of all psychiatric are affected by what people would call dark magic, (nanotechnology) because we can only see nanotechnology in a scanning electron microscope.
Of course, devil and God can create somatic and psychiatric disease and cure them.

Nanotechnology can build and affect:
• Bacteria’s that can affect the human body
• Viruses
• Poisons
• Drugs
• Chemical weapons,
• Biological weapons.
• Nanobots can multiply build new and different other nanobot at an alarming rate.
• They can build nanobots that affect or attack organs, sensory like nerves and brain.
• Can affect skin so you get skin rash.
• Create a faulty organs or damage of organs.
Nanobot or nanotechnology is so small that it can go thru the skin of humans between the atoms without making a hole/scar in the skin.
Example: a car rim there is a shampoo for the rim that contains nanoparticles, they clean the rim good, but you can get nanoparticles in your body (even if you wear plastic glows) and it can cause disease, they can also poison the spill water or the ground where the shampoo is used. It should be forbidden.

Example of psychiatric illness nanotechnology robots/bots can make:
• It can create itching rash. Only good solution for that is to take a hot shower, and then turn of hot water and stay in the cold water for a minute. That have solved that problem for people, but it comes back again.
• Nanotechnology can affect your nerves or brain so you feel pain in specific body part where there is no damage. (changing signaling in the nervous system).
• Nanobot can stick to your vocal cord and make you say things you did not plan to say. It can also affect that center of the brain (with maybe brain in quantum entanglement with a remote system sending signals/messages) that make you say things you don’t want to say.
• Nanobot can climb inside your ear and make you hear things that there is no sound source from the room you are in. They can also affect the center in your brain that has to do with hearing. This can be the cause of tinnitus.
• Sight! Nanotechnology can climb inside your eye or affect optic nerve, and just like LCD monitor, they have optical prism that light passes crystals that in normal mode that let light thru, then it can send its own picture by changing the prisms. This can also be possible by affecting the brains center for vision. In the air nanoparticles can create prisms like rainbow but for short time show something like a simple picture that soon disappear into thin air.
• It can take over parts of your brain and give fear, anger, delusional, and violent because the patient gets into panic over what they feel, think, say, hear and smells.
• They can with either radio or quantum entanglement communicate with other systems and / or other hosts bodies’ that is already infected with nanotechnology.
• It can climb into the lounges while sleeping and cover all breathing cells inside lungs and suffocate you.
• Nanotechnology can affect brain so you dream example what is going to happen in the future or in past or create a whole new dream not relating to reality.
• Nanotechnology can reduce feelings from nervous system or make spams, cramp like Parkinson – uncontrolled movement of body.

Of course, if you are inside God, or inside a simulated reality that control 100 % of the reality you are in, it can make the universe make any effect you ever dreamt about.
Now this corona virus can have been a weapon that somebody released into the air. The country with least infections might be suspects of this crime.

Now: nanobots and nanotechnology can also be used to do good:
• They can eat up tumors.
• They can fix cells in body.
• Kill cancer.
• Fix damaged organs.
• Blood clots in hard to reach areas.
• Clean viruses or bacterial infections.
• Take close up images of inside and outside of organs without surgery.
• Nano 3D print of new organs.
• Fix eye problems.
• Fix digestive problems.

There are several ways to kill nanotechnology:
• Electroshock therapy.
• Fire or below 0 degrees Celsius can kill some.
• Tesla coil that generate lightning
• Magnets in MRI machines and even stronger magnets than that. EMP.
• Make other nanotechnology bots to kill other nanobots.
Nanotechnology could in worst case multiply and spread all over the world, because they could be programmed to do it with artificial intelligence. (software and hardware)

There should be laws on how to handle nanotechnology as bots to avoid them escaping into thin air.

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