Neural link with human is possible

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Tree articles about the topic Neural link:

I have seen with my own eyes that they can read signals from my nerves at the doctor! I have seen EEG Electroencephalography in use with my own eyes in reality in a hospital.

Now if you combine two technologies as “Artificial intelligent Server” in this article:

With :


If you can finding the “signature frequency” of the human brain you can control peoples mind, thoughts, and action by implementing the desire, sexual attraction, political views, pain, joy, pleasure, religious views, disgust, will and not will.

Now this system too read peoples mind combined with AI Media server they can have a very good control of people close anywhere in the world.

As you see in the two links at the start of this article you can see that they managed to make a sensor that reads the pig brain every time it touches something with its face and reporting back by sound generation of signal to a computer that logs it.

So then they can go furter onto do it again and implement it on humans.

Example: They can make nano circuits that are so smal you can not see it with the naked eye, that they implement inside your ear, while you are sleep, they poor sleping gass into your rom so you are in narcosis and can not record what is going on with you in your bedroom. Then they implement this nano device in your ear(or maybe other organs like the brain? then this device will make a sounds like it is your voices telling you to do something. Now the nano chip can be remotely operated by somebody on the opposite side of the world(trough not radio waves but quantum entanglement and quantum communications that does not uses radio waves to communicate now) , can record what you say, it can use your voice as your internal thoughts. The nano devices runs on the bodys energy, or use other unknown long term lasting energy source.

It can even make you hear voice in the room of person that is not in the room. Then doctors or psychiatrist they will then try to say that you are schizophrenic. Some people might for the reason to get a sick note/benefit by play this game by telling lies that they hear voices in the air when this person they hear is not there. Other cases that drug abuse can make this effects, but for those that do not follow that category of faking it or drugs I truly believe that this persons it affected by a outsider/technological terror/war weapon.

Because brain is not put together to simulate other peoples voices, it is not of the brain taks task to do this simulation of voices!It is EXTERNAL SOURCE this sounds come from, to try to ruin people by dismantle the patients trustworthy status, and try to say that the person is insane to win over patient,, break down or steal from patient, or ruin health medically, psychological, political, finances (money and properties) ideologies and religious views.

I am not paranoid, I am not into any conspiracy theories, but just writing this article to make a statement that that this concepts can actually be really working live and present with the technologies we have today!

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