The wrong knowledge and Wrong/missuse of words

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Doctors today do several things wrong.

Doctors today do several things wrong.

1. First they make diagnosis that says the body ill, and give medicine that temporarily works

2. In Norway the name for Hospital is “sykehus” this means directly translated to “SickHouse”

We not want to go to Hospital to be sick and be mistreated with wrong knowledge, we want to go to a healthy house that can cure/fix us. We want not doctor that mark us a sick, but as healthy after treatment.

We don’t want to get diagnosis of illness on us, but we want diagnosis that says the body is cure/healthy.

We don’t want medicine, but we want a cure that fixes the problem in short time permently.

They should not do surgery or give medicine to body/patient to begin with. They should three christian people who pray together that illness go away, and see that it go away in short time; if not you have to try medication or surgery.

First the write out diagnosis and give medicine that temporarly works

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