The brains storage capacity

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Our research and estimates shows that the brain during a period of 30 life years is storing about 3.4 Exabyte of data. 

This is mainly video data from the eyes. Other meta data like thoughts, sounds, feelings etc is not included.

In a life time of 90 years we are talking about 10.2 Exabyte of data stored in the brain. This finding propels further research.

The brain compared to the storage solutions that are around today is enormous and not even likely to be compared. Over a period of 90 years the brain would produce something like  21 192 192 SSD 480 GB Solid state drives at a total cost of $ 4 980 165 120 USD. Before you bang your head into the wall over life problems remember the brain cost $ 4 980 165 120 USD.

We can clearly see that hard drive market, the memory market and the solid state market is going into the future with big changes. Computer hardware can’t be worse of than nature (biological material) when it comes to capacity.

The price for each terabyte is going to go down while the speed and the capacity is going to skyrocket in the future. 

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