The truth

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If you believe in higher powers like God and Jesus that have greater powers than youself, companies, organizations, and government/states, then you are on a good patch!

If you belive in the lord God almighty, you belive in yourself and that the world / universe(+God and you) are super smart and advanced, rich; safe, have friends and family an house, car, food, fun and amusement, all the money you need and that there is life after death you will get from God and Universe just that what you: believe, want you desire, what you ask for, what your faith is, for what you aims are for and move in directions off your will and wants and set your self in the mood to receive gifts(think that you receive it) and you will get this/it in some time!

You will then get this things you need.

Now if you do not believe in great things and not surround your self with greatness; like do not believe in God and Jesus then your life will be boring and there will be no life and death!

God the controller of the universe will give you what you think and want! Regardless if you are a believer or not!

In computer science we say that the program with command is immediately uploaded to the brain by BIN-HEX installed, implemented and run on the fly in live time! that is how fast it goes = instant – faster than light!

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