Criminal electronic, software and logic breakdown

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I Write this as a private persons and behalf of many people who bought electronics and businesses that had electronic (and software ) that had a breakdown to earn money on selling new equipment that just produce garbage that belongs in hell.

I have never produced as privat person or business this electronics parts.

Very sadly this electronic works for short time and then it has a security breach into private areas/networks/computers/smartphones etc.

Then it can have a logical breakdown in settings of example router where configuration is not possible to set even if the user do nothing wrong, and that equipment that had a configuration looses configuration without any reason as user can see.

I started programming at age of 8, I am now 41, I have built computers by hand like part for part from circuit suppliers, todays electronic should not behave the way it does now.This is serious breakdown that must be reset because people loose faith in electronics, like smartphones, internet, computers etc when this happens. I am not IT business yet that produce electronics circuits or any brand in the world. I loose a lot of faith in electronic manufactures like D-Link, TP-Link, Asus, Intel/AMD, MSI, Netgear, Linksys, Cisco, Microsoft, Linux systems and Apple/smartphones.(stupid phones)

Then it can spy on you and then systems can break down again.

Then it can stop working like two radio links on wifi network bridge that worked and configuration was set correctely.

Then the whole box like router or wifi sender/repeater/extender/basestation/router can stop working and need replacement. This just to steal time on stupidity, consume resources, pollute, and loose money. IT must stop!

All software and hardware and electronics must come with a complete user manual on paper and electronic/CD/internet for all functions and settings, and how to set it up, maintenance it, and how to handle the system and how to troubleshoot errors, solve bugs or incorrect configuration on hardware, circuits, wiring, operating system and applications/software and services, and then how to reset it!

All smartphones/tablet/computers must have a physical wired connection to network/ethernet to reset configuration/update OS or apps, or access internet or share internet connection as a router. Network connectivity in functions must go both ways not one way like wifi shared internet connection over mobile data/cellular data.

The thing is that they make something in big hurry (and sometimes with dark criminal intentions) without thinking about consequences and a complete logic that works for all users of systems.

Now they can make electronic circuits of metals, and then some composite, and then some quantum entangled dark particles and they can make big trouble, physical metal circuits are safer as long as they do not overheat or get hit by lightning/solar storms, and same is for those other types too.

Now I found out that for products I buy in shop as private or business can stop working. Even brand new product out of the box is dead the first week. (close to dead on arrival) All products that I bought is with warranty, and they do not work as expected, or not at all. Products are bought with real pluss money that is paid taxes on, no debt on it, no loan, no credit card, no pawn on it, all products are legally paid for, I have not stole the products from shop, and i know how to configure them but they stop working anyway. Big financial crash in IT business will happens soon because of this.

All data in important documents/pictures, databases must be stored on backup disk like physical hard drives, solid state discs, safest storage mediums are CD/DVD/Blu-ray and paper.

All products and manufactures lines should have a complete manufacture process description in a blueprint/document, source code from all parts of machines, software, logic, programming, operating systems, and materials used and how to create the product and how to fix it in digital format stored safely and on printed paper that is stored in a safe. The Unified Modeling Language, like a model about how it should work with correct logic that can be tested each step of the process, and that can reverse the process too for bugfixes/memory or instruction errors or flaws or security vulnerability or system vulnerability. It is like turning the system on it head, upside down, left, right, forward, up, down to see it from all angles. It must be digital and on paper.

Now all messages formats on EDI – Electronic data interchange must have complete description for each field, data point.

Now I am coming to the serious part!

I had now two TP-LINK bridge boxes that stopped working that are nearly new. Warranty should be 5 years on all electronics!

Boxes are made in China, and company is stored in USA/America.

Both too blame that this does not work, because the Netgear router did not seem to have much electron in it and it has never been used, brand new from shop! IT seems like a mirage/image fake “hallucination” Astral? Quantum entangled particles? Black particles! I do not know what to belive because I know how a box like that should look like inside. Somebody put more products in shops now into a combustion oven and record it with human eyes and cameras what is happening to each product and what is left. Please record what is left and turn it around on each side and record what materials are left. This is fraud! IT should be real products that works after international established standards and follow protocols and systems design as it is presented to be as.

This products are bought in a real shop in Norway!(Norge) After burning it: Other problem is that the Netgear router should have metal circuit inside and i find nothing left of it as I could expect!

This video is made to prove a point and demonstrate how dangerous it is to trust people/electronics, systems and things! This is done in real world with real products to tell them to stop this shit! I am not here to harm produces/factories, users, customers, or companies but they must understand corruption and how dangerous it is when they do not use their heads correctly and pure. Big catastrophe!!!!. If electronic/software or services can manipulate peoples mind and body to commit sins or crimes they are the one to be punished who made this not the person that do the sin or crime. It is really dangerous if systems crash, disappear/ stolen or disappear into thin air, are fake, stop working, are hacked or manipulated! it is crazy and insane! Something in systems, System world, world and human world and humans will will then stop working in some way. Enough! Products or items should if they are pure and holy live for ever and not stop working. This consume and throw philosophy must come to an end.

Evidence in pictures and video below:

Two TP LINK and one NETGEAR box burning!

Two white Ribbons and Wreath to funeral and cremation of electronics:

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