Estimate on how expensive it is to build the human body back to full health

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Now when a body is born til it is 25 years it most likely are at its best health before pollution, diseases and accidents form your health.

Now do not throw this back on and say it is wrong, because this is only an estimate on how much it will cost to build body up from scratch, to cure any disease, grow back amputadde limbs. Do not take this as the absolute truth, since to build a system I am thinking of have never been done in”this reality” asI know of and nobody can know the exact price before it is done. Now in heaven (another dimension) they might have other disiplins, and I am sure they have God and systems that created this world/universe.

Now look at the attached PDF document here:

Now this cost is for 1 human only. The cost is: $ 1 560 000 000 000 000 000 000,00 with more automated processes and similar patterns this will also reduce the cost to some extent. But I think if we start today to build something like this we will be finished in 620 years with todays technology(that will be advanced thru time) we have available now! Of course we have to learn new disiplins and go thru new Paradigms.

Now new technology and new knowledge in future will in the beginning be 10 % cheaper each 10th years, and after time it will become cheap and cheaper to a level that anybody can afford it..

That is why you should carefully protect your body from diseases, attacks and accidents.

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