Symbols of the times we are living in!

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Symbols of the times we are living in!

Do you remember the financial crisis in 2008?
The year before that the iPhone 2 G was released:

Now what is the logo of Apple? An apple that is eaten of! What is that apple that is eaten off a symbol of? From Eden’s garden when sin happened when Adam and Eva ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.
What happened after the year 2007 and to 2008? Well people where holding the Apple iPhone to their mouth and talked in it, as if they were eating the fruit of knowledge, inside the phone you had apps and internet access to all the information in the world, so you could say there where eating of the tree of knowledge. What append in Eden’s garden when Adam and Eva committed the sin of eating of the forbidden fruit? They got kicked out of the safe and resourceful rich Eden’s garden, and they were thrown out of the Garden and into a hard reality where they had to work hard to grow food and other things that they had for free in Eden’s garden. What happened in short time after that? In 2008 the financial crisis happened and shocked the world and everything felt new, dangerous and foreign. We where kicked out of our “Eden’s garden” in 2007 – 2008 – 2009 out of our safe mindset and safe feeling that Eden’s garden gave us.

Now what other symbols is there? Coca Cola
Always Coca Cola = dark matter. In the universe there is always dark matter.

Other symbolism in car manufacture Nissan:
Nissan Micra car –
Phonetical ( )
and symbols across different langue’s:
Nissan Micra:
In Norwegian Ni=number 9, the number of God, San = true in Norwegian, Mi = me in English, C =see ra = sun God Ra from Egypt. )
Nissan Micra = 9 God true – m(I) see God.

Nike shoes
Nike = NI =number 9 in Norwegian, KE short form of Knut Erik. (Knut is knot to (Erik) Erik = Eternal ruler.

Sony – electronics:
3 different meanings

Son = Son of father.
Y is symbolism of cross and crucified and dead on the cross

Or Sony like sunny weather,

So = så in Norwegian. Ny in Norwegian means new. So New – In Norwegian: Så ny.

Other: PEPSI – this one is not the real meaning but interesting:

Volvo Aero on Kongsberg (King mountain)
Volvo means in Norwegian: Jeg ruller, In English: I am rolling. Aero means the upper layer of atmosphere -Sky – Heaven.

Ruller can mean: Ruler.
I am the ruler in the upper layer of the (heaven – sky) atmosphere above Kings Mountain.
I am rolling (sun or earth or both) in the upper layer of the (heaven – sky) atmosphere above Kings Mountain.

Do you know any other symbolism or meanings across languages? Send it to me: fredrik at


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