Motherboard Short Circuit Failure

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Motherboard short circuit failure can mean:

Something serious like fault in computer electronics or humor:

1. Mortherboard short circuited (stopped working) (damaged) (broken)(something smells funny plastic electronic burned things)

2. Motherboard Failed to short circuit (failed to self destruct) or continued to worked (past life time) did not stop up as expected.

3. There is an error in the short circuit (loop or something not working or working as expected = cracy) There is a short circuit in the circuit or short circuit circuit circuit.

4. Something is getting very hot! (Overload) + polarity meets – polarity withnothing between or something between having a very bad day.

5. Fuses will go!

6. Power will go away!

7. Something is now short (missing on or more) of a circuit, broken, or missing! Need replacement! Warranty! Insurance claim, and/or new work must be done, money must be paid!

(People are angry about electronics that fail, that again causes software to fail, services, or something not working!

8. Reset must be pressed! Power off and restart! (press reset button on computer or electronic/smarthpones etc)

9. And many more logical errors like divide by zero!

10. Something yet not solved, hard to fix, difficult to fix, expensive to fix, something very very complicated to fix, discovered or unknown source of problem!

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