ONE World System

One World System:

We are trying to develop a “One World Currency” both in paper, coin, and digital formats.

We also want to start up a “One World Bank” for all nations, all people, all states, all organizations, and all companies.

We are seeking partners and funding for this.

One World government can also be created.

One World Civil Wages:

We want the whole world to pay out to all people from the age of 16 years old and as long as you live in every nation every month paid out civil wages at $ 3 000 USD after taxes a month every month of the year. This is to stop poverty, criminal actions, corruption, and sex slavery(prostitution).

And for the believers in the bible about the mark of the beast, our systems and companies will have nothing to do with the beast, the mark of the beast, devils, or satan. We will never put a mark on ourselves, and not on your forehead or hand either.

The New Era of Supercomputing

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