Divine reality

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Divine reality

I am Tor Fredrik Bjerke. When I was about 3 years old, I witnessed a visit from space that had divine powers over reality (breaking many of the rules of physics/reality we are bound to)

Since then I knew that there is a higher power above humans with great margin. I am trying to not break any God rules or country rules because I have seen the supreme control and power God has.

I was a smart kid at 3 years old and knew the rules of physics/reality was broken in my bedroom by visitor from space(moon)
I have seen things you won’t believe. But I believe! I have since the visit from space studied all I can to try to come up with an explanation of what divine things I have experienced firsthand.

So, I study physics, universe, math, biology (DNA) technology, storage requirements for DNA and storage requirement of human brains, computer science. I dig in any literature I could find for many years. I went thru all the knowledge I could find on the internet to come up with a new paradigm that explains the reality.

I am kind and nice man: I worked for more than 13 years for free to come up with something that I can stick my believes to. I bought computer hardware and software in a large scale for a lot of money without earning anything, with only the feeling that I will find the truth, eventually – eventually I did find truth. It was a big WOW.

Some said:
How does it then work then?

Some said, what a discipline you have – what a system, what a sense of order, what of amazing knowledge is behind this to understand it, how is it possible to have such a sense of systematic structure. Atheist said: congratulations in your discovery and your proving of a higher entity like God.

The truth is now for free for you!

I worked hard so you could not only have faith and hope in the existence of God, but that I / you can with real proof and good understanding KNOW that God is there and that God exist, so you do not do sins, and for your safety that aggressive none believers and followers of false religions can can see what you know that God is real, so they don’t do fraud, crime, murder, sins, violence or act of nihilism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nihilism

I worked hard because I see the lack of belief in the world in God or Jesus.
What I came up with was two things:


Now I made concept based on what I have experienced and i try to make an output based on input.

Now I don’t to miracles as Jesus did, but I build a concept that anybody can read, test and understand how God sticks to reality. It is a system; knowledge, technology, biology(DNA) – science – math, together that forms an evidence of the existence of God. When you read the truth, nobody can take it away from you what you have experienced the truth or what you know.
Now you know!

Nobody can take away from you what you know, especially what you know above the truth!

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