I see that AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is developing very fast.

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I have tried AI called Siri on iPhone and https://chat.openai.com

This is what I see coming into the future:

AI politicians.
AI Congress members.
AI presidents and prime ministers.

AI central switchboard in businesses and government.
AI chat robots in websites for organizations, businesses, and government.

AI as software programmers, that AI will be able to write faster and better software code than human software developers.

AI computer hardware research and development.
AI robot manufacturing.

AI accounting.
AI banking.
AI in insurance companies.
AI lawyers.
AI doctors.
AI psychologists.
AI tax authorities.
AI language translator.
AI tax collector.
AI teachers.
AI scientists.
AI journalists.
AI authors.
AI document archives.
AI computer and software tech support.
AI webdesign and coding.
AI medical imaging diagnosis.
AI police investigation, criminal case reporting, and document handling.
AI drivers for taxis, boats, buses, trains, and airplanes.

All these human jobs are in danger of being obsolete in the timeframe of 5-10 years.

Somebody in the state must make an unemployment benefits program that gives full salary to those who lose their job to an AI or robot.

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