“THE SYSTEM” above all other systems!

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What is “THE SYSTEM”?

It is alive, but it is not alive like a human is alive.

It is the world, the universe, nature, nanotechnology, electricity, radio waves, light, humans, animals, technology, quantum super positions.(super states)It seems to be quantum entanglement, delivery at the best state of the art experience that is perfect combination of feelings, art, thoughts, actions, body control, and systems linked to other external sources.! It has extreme control and extreme disiplin all the way down to the last grain. “The System” is hyper smart, hyper structured. It is linked to bits scattered in the world to form a large picture of many small pictures and a concept of that there is a God and it creates belief in God and Jesus without any shadow of doubt because it is proven systematically, mathematically, scientifically and knowledge that there is a system of higher power that most likely is omnipotent! Thank you God and Jesus and myself for all that I have got in my life and for all the thing I am going to get!

“The System” is a masterpiece above Albert Einstein knowledge like (e=mc2)


It is above Leonardo da Vinci masterpieces like:






It surpass even the greatest works like: Beethoven – Symhony No. 5

And Edvard Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King from “Peer Gynt”

and Edvard Grieg – Morningmoods.

What is Super Information Symmetry(SIS) in “THE SYSTEM”?

All information: notes, papers, TV shows, magazines, books, signs, newspapers, painting, drawings, logos, photos, posters, movies, music, radio, internet, computer file(pictures) word document, excel documents, computer programs, and names of people and places are all in what seems chaotic with no system in it but for a believer i it is under a super disiplin and super structures of Super Information Systems.

SIS is a hyper intelligent knowledge information system that is driven at high detail precision targeting information and links the information of your sate as; thoughts, locations on GPS (as example) on a webpage, signs, posters, music, movie, TV, smartphone, computer information, information from other people, and artwork and setup a link between them(the world state) with what your see, what your think, and what happens around you. Is the world objects in entanglement with your brain and timing the information at body at a super state.

Now since I am the person who wrote down details about “THE SYSTEM” and “Super Information Symmetry” what is it, how it works and I am christian I must assume that this comes from God. The System and SIS is an extreme rich detail plan and come with a smashing truth that can set you out of balance.

Why “THE SYSTEM” seems to have divine powers?

Because you need to analyses the whole brain of person.(each person have unique brain, and unique information in it) and restructure it into a database over information in the brain.

The cost of that analyses of a brain with todays technology it estimated to cost about $ 130 trillion world economy x (times) 2 million world economies at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00

Then it needs to upload new quantum entangled information that is delivered thru the brains “live feed” at precise time, location, state of you are in and the state of the world (universe)around you.

It is not so easy to understand to begin with see how «The System» works: You must believe in a higher power called God and Jesus and the holy people, like virgin Marry and apostles.. You must ask Good to show you what he can do.

You must have faith. You must be sincere, not affected by hasj, marihuna, DMT, LCD or other narcotic/drugs/morfine/Opiate /or alcohol, no smoking,no tattoos, no thing that hurts your body, you must be clear in your mind and be able to plan the next day, week, or year in detail. You must be rested; pure in heart and mind. Do not engage in criminal activity, do not break the 10 commandments God gave you. You must open your mind, open your eyes to a panaromic view of details/data across elements and enhance your senses to see “The System – Super Information Symmetry” – some call it Synchronicity between your view, data storage containers/silo, systems, elements and disciplines. Then you need to have faith and believe it will come to you.

The system uploads information to you(what you are going to do, where you should be at a given time where you going to look, what you are doing, thinking, seeing and hearing.

Then there must be created information in as a grand plan, and it must be written like a program for church meeting is the day before religious service take place.

It is about planning future and set it out into actions.

Lets say it cost the same to make the plan as to analysis,(at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00) and another cost (at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00) (do not take the prices as a final precis cost, it needs to be more researched) to set it out there in the world – planning of information from other sources in the world into a Super Information Sysmmetry experience where every body will see clearly that there is a God.

This is only the beginning of what can happened in the future.

Read more about it:

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