When will 256 to 512 MegaPixels screens come?

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That is the resolution eyes can see sharp sights of about 256 MegaPixels and the wide view is about 512 MegaPixels. Smartphones have 200 MegaPixels in cameras already, and will they come with 3D technology too?

Time will show!

You will need more than a 25-gigabit fiber optic internet connection to see 512 mp video. We are talking about 19 Gigabit a second in uncompressed data(raw).

This tells me they must make better servers at Disney, HBO, Apple TV, and Netflix to handle the traffic in the future.

Better solid-state drives must come too to be able to handle the traffic in the future.

This also tells me that manufacturers of routers must upgrade the transmitting and receiving capacity of the ports on routers and switches for fiber optical cables.

Things will get very advanced in the future.

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