Next Generation Super Computer Systems – Optical (CPU) Central Processing Unit

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How much can we get out of the computer?

With an optical 128 bit CPU that runs on 500 Ghz, (compared to today’s electric CPU that runs on 4Ghz) we could have a lot more to say than today.

It could have as much as 10 000 cores @ 500 Ghz each giving us a total of 5 million Ghz at 128 bit. It is by far the best solution than what we have today with 64 bit CPU/systems. Compared to Intel 8 core, that run 80-200 computer programs and threads at 200-400. With a 10 000 core we can have real time processing of 10 000 program at same time at one thread. If we divid it by half you will have 5 000 programs and 5000 threads that can run on each core with uniq arichtecture

Also Quantum computers could maybe be optical too. Look here:

It could be 1 Terrabit connection to an optical router on the motherboard that gives optical routing and connection to other computer parts like, Ethernet, GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), memory Blue ray, RAID/Hard drives, monitors, video rendering cards. The power consumption does not need to be high because of optical has less power and less heat than copper circuits.

Operating system would boot up in less than a second if we had this properties on the hardware(and software muse be written for the new system (128 bit)

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