Is a system generating mental disorder on humans?

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An estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older — about 1 in 4 adults –suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

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This is huge numbers and a cause to lots of pain, worries stress and panic to patients, friends and relatives.

If we all where hooked up into a system like in the movie Matrix a simulated world any psychiatric event could be generated with a computer signal into the human brain. The matrix could easy create strange feelings in body, sight or hearing hallucinations. IT could be an evil system doing this, and the source and system of the psychiatric event must be found. It might not be possible if we all are in the same simulation to get to the computer that creates this events.

Hallucinations are counted as mental disorders. Psychiatric illness, but if somebody sends a signal somewhere to your brain and you see a pink elephant in the room and you are not on drugs, you are not sick, you are bothered and afflicted this pain or hallucination on to you by an external source. You are not crazy. Just under psychiatric attack on your mind. We must take into consideration that maybe some countries / states have found a way to attack the mind of people with electronic equipment or magic.

Another view on this is that this is done thru the operating the rules of theuniverse where the robot system, operator or source of it is sitting in another solar system and are communicating with each humans brain in the world thru quantum communication (or some fancy religious system for communication) or from an another dimension.

Now I wrote this article:

And it must be a system the builds the human body up and holds it alive that is outside the laws of biology we have today.

The numbers that 1 in 4 adults have a mental problem in any given year is not acceptable, the source system of this (when it is not alcohol or drug abuse) must be found because this cost to much money to deal with and anxiety for the patient that wonders why this is happening him.

A system that can be hid in the universe, in other dimensions or in another solar systems that can affect life here on planet earth thru knowing how the universe is functioning, something we do not have a clear picture of yet. Of course we must not forget acts of God, Devil, angels and daemons and other things we do not know of.

It is time to stop putting diagnosis on humans like paranoid schizophrenic, and find out if they are bothered instead and blame it on “unknown foreign source!”

The hunt for a cure of psychiatric diseases must be started. Medicine we have today is not good enough solution, it must be a cure that is given and problem go away for good.

Locking people up is psychiatric institution is also not a good solution financially for the healthcare system and the patient economy and patient is under stress from having his or hers freedom limited.

The cure must be to shut down system X unknown that make people sick. Before electricity came and the first tv and radio waves we did not have so many patients in psychiatric institutions as now. Take a psychiatric patient into a completely radio wave isolated room and wearing rubber boots and rubber pants and rubber jacket to isolate the patient must be tested to see if the patient recovers.

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