Ever had dreams or nightmares come true?

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Have you ever had dreams or nightmares come true?

I have had dreams come true. I dreamt once that somebody said to me: drop that sim card and I was standing in the opening door to my bedroom. I dropped it in the dream. Then after that dream I Wake up: I needed to get a contact out of my old sim card to my old phone. I dropped that sim card to the floor accidentally at the same spot as in the dream.

So I ask you dear reader if you had dreams or nightmares come true?

Any good stories please send it to me and tell me if you want the story published.

There is a way to remember dreams better in the night and that is to say to yourself before you go to sleep: I want to remember the dream in the night. And have a pen and paper by bedside table and memorize the dream when you wake up and write it down on the paper.

I had another dreams that is harder to test if it is true.

My uncle died newly. In a dream he came to me, and I said to him now you are dead you can go anywhere by thinking the place or person. I said go to Mars and look underneath the curst and he travelled there and told me that underneath the crust of Mars there is multi dimensional reality where humans live and they have some large black computers that are really big much bigger than a city as I saw them with remote viewing in my dream.. So I told my uncle to go to the moon: And he said there is white computers underneath the moons surface. The computers underneath the moons surface are there to learn the latin alphabet and learn languages.

They must drill a whole on both places in the future to see if this true.

I have working two way/two persons dialogue during my dreams.

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