People who look alike. Confusing?

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People who look alike. Confusing?

I have seen three people who look alike myself.

I have heard one person says she thinks I look alike another person.

I have seen an American in two different persons in different locations.

I have seen four people who look alike another Norwegian person.

I have seen over 20 persons that look alike a Ukrainian person. (I have images to prove some of them but I will not publish them without approval of this persons)

Now when you have seen 20 people in different places around in Europe that you know is not the same person, you start to wonder:

Is it a man or woman who had many children in the history that make this genetically similarities? Or a man that had many children with many women spread over a large territory?

Have they been cloning humans?

Is it a genetical “mirage” or “simulation people” that make confusion(play games with us) in the world?

And how can we then know if the person we marry is the same after a year if they have fake people that are look alike?

Some say each person has a duplicate in the world – systemic backup of your self, but that does not explain 20 copies of one person.

Some say that there is about 250 000 different templates of humans. Anybody any inputs on what I and other say

So when somebody say you did something that you know you did not? Then maybe we should seriously consider that at “clone” of you did it?

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