The night when visitors from heaven came to me.

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I lived in Oslo in Norway fo for the first years of my life. This was around 1980-1984

I was laying in my bed one night when I was at the age of 2 – 4 years old in the nursery with the window pointing to the south.

It was night and I lay in my bed it had bars on it so I not could get out of it and walk around by myself because I would do that if I had the opportunity. 

I was awake in the night looking up on a starry night and the full moon was up too. I was laying in my bed with my head on the pillow and I was thinking to myself: Up there on the moon and in the universe there it is life! I had just said it to myself without speaking it, I was thinking when a flash of green lightning came from the moon, straight through the closed windows and a snake landed on the floor from the lightning. The snake creature was not from this earth. I knew it broke the laws of physics because it did not break the window glass on entry to the room. I saw that it broke the laws of physics again because it was emitting green/yellow light from the whole body. Then it broke the laws of physics that we are bound to by levitating (without wings) and rotating around in the air, turning around and rotating again in a spiral. This rotation keeps on for quite a while. It moved freely without straining itself. 

Now, this was scary because I understood that it broke all the laws of physics. I was laying underneath the blanket, looking at the snake from an opening in the blanket. I could not escape because the baby bed had bars on it. So I was crying for mom and dad. But they did not hear me because they lay sleeping on the other side of the house. Now there was an electronic door clock in the hall outside my bedroom that was going on electricity and it stopped ticking, and time itself stopped up, the air in the room got thick as syrup and I could touch it and it was sticky. 

Now a green matrix pattern appeared at the end of my bed, and it started to grow and swallow my feet and went up to my legs to the waist. It was absolutely mega frightening because I could not move my body, only my head. I could feel my legs vanish into the matrix, and the legs felt gone completely. 

Now, this lasted for a long time. And I felt complete horror. Now nobody said to me that this is going to happen, or told me everything will be ok. They just did it. Stephen Hawking said that it not would be safe and Hawking repeatedly warned about the dangers of humankind meeting alien civilizations.

After that, I do not know what happened to me me, but I remember that I saw a white light and lots of silhouettes of people standing around me it is a vague memory. Then I did not know what happened. I woke up the next day and did not tell about the experience before 1996 because it was suppressed in my mind because of the terror, shock, discipline control, and power this thing had. It came just at my thought about it.

After that I am thinking, where did they take me? Am I the same boy as the one that lay in that bed that night or has they swapped me with another boy? No snake after this. It was 100 % scary.

They say if you see a snake then it is a symbol that your life is in danger. 

Then after this, I believe in God, and I believed there is life up there in the universe, maybe not as we think of life, because the snake-like creature had electric skin, not snakeskin.  One of the things I said to myself is that it is not alive, (the snake) even if it is moving, it is not from this planet.

Now if this was what the devil is capable to do with me since there was a snake-like creature in my room that symbolizes the devil, what is God then capable todo? 

I saw the movie The Matrix and the pattern could be similar when you see it in code, just much smaller pixels in my matrix. Some say the matrix I saw in my bedroom was a military weapon or did they make the movie the Matrix based on what I have seen and experienced?

This is a true story, nothing is added or subtracted to the history. 

Now when I grew up I had a normal life, but I experienced a downturn in my life in 1991 when I was hospitalized for pain in my legs. I was always searching for the answers to everything in life because I had experienced this fundamental event of seeing a snake going thru glass without breaking it and levitating. 

Now my life is so now so advanced that Microsoft, Intel, Google, Apple, and Samsung together are not advanced compared to it. You have to read about what started to happen at age of 31, in 2011 in my life.

Go to and copy the URL below and paste them into google translate to translate it to your language. The articles are in Norwegian and called “Mer enn tilfeldig” which means more than a coincidence. 

All of them are true stories from real life.

You have to study quantum physics and quantum computing to understand some of it. It is really advanced reality we are in. It is not as dumb as it sometimes seems. Has anything like this happened to you that you got in contact with extraterrestrials? If so contact me and share your story.

Copyright 2022 Unlimited Computing by Tor Fredrik Nikolai Bjerke.

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