Is the universe storing information from the human brain?

Is the universe storing information from the brain to a computer somewhere?

Why we ask this question is because of the following fact:

When you are in a example traffic accident and there is no way out of it and your brain knows that you are going to crash hard, maybe also die, you are going to se all the moments of your life flashing past your eyes like a slow movie where you have time to focus on each event in your life but it also happens very fast in second or two; you will have seen your whole life in revue.

People that have been in accident can tell you that this has happened to them. It is like rush thru your brain with a lot of information in a second or two.

So good so far,  but there is a problem. The amount of information that goes thru your brain searching for an exit, possible path out of the situation, is enormous we estimate that the brain can go thru a volume of 10 exabyte of information.

Multiples of bytes
Value Metric
1000 kB kilobyte
10002 MB megabyte
10003 GB gigabyte
10004 TB terabyte
10005 PB petabyte
10006 EB exabyte
10007 ZB zettabyte
10008 YB yottabyte
1024 KiB kibibyte KB kilobyte
10242 MiB mebibyte MB megabyte
10243 GiB gibibyte GB gigabyte
10244 TiB tebibyte
10245 PiB pebibyte
10246 EiB exbibyte
10247 ZiB zebibyte
10248 YiB yobibyte

Now not to talk about the processing power of brain to process that amount of information in one or two short seconds. The brain only works at 5-30 Hz. 60 Hz maybe at highly panic. So at a range from 2-30 Hz the the brain is process 28 672 000 000,00 bit or 3 584 Megabytes a second. That gives you an CPU in the brain that process  955 733 333,33 bits per hz at 30 HZ. compared to the 64 bit CPU in computers today. It is like 256 HD high res  screens  giving a raw data stream from your eyes to the brain every second. 28 672 000 000 bits a second divided 58 TB in synapses in the brain. It means it uses     0,0061793 % Percent of the brains storage capacity in a second. Result: 16 183,04 Second  or   269,72 minutes          or     4,50 hours. After 4.5 hours  your brains storage capacity is full! You should then stop working or get a mayor headache. This does not happens it just goes on and on. This means there is some “magic” working here somewhere.

This means the data must go somewhere else! In the universe, or inside a computer / matrix or inside God. It i said in scriptures that you live inside God.


 Now to the problem.

Neurons in the brain is belivede to be capable of doing mathematical calculations.

Synapses is belivede capable of storing information, also called memory.

Now the number of neurons in a human brain: 86,000,000,000. If one neuron could store one bit it would be equal to 10,75 GB

Lets look at the synapses it is estimated that the human brain for average adult has; 1014    to 1015 synapses .

That is 100 000 000 000 000 – 1 000 000 000 000 000 Synapses.

Now it estimated that one synapses could store 4.7 bits.

47 000 000 000 000 bits – 4 700 000 000 000 000 bits.

That is equal to 58,75 TB – 587,5 Terabyte of data.

Not even close to 10 exabyte, 10 Exabyte that is  170 212,76 times larger than 58,75 Terabyte. What we have here is a information systemic knowledge collapse and crash. We can see that it is not enough information in storage space to what we process thru a whole life.

This means that thru a panic situation the information that rushes thru the brain comes from another storage pool than the brain. Maybe a computer in the universe or directly into the universe.

This means that somebody above us in another dimension would be capable of reading our minds even playing back information we have seen in our past. It might be a computer simulation that knows everything what you thinking and what your are doing. Some people call this person for God. It would be like accessing a huge volume.

This would explain the case where  people that pray inside them claim that God can hear their prayers.

This would also explain psychiatric cases where people say they hear voices in their heads. It might be that they are talking the truth even if the author of this articles does not belive in voices in head because i not  hear voices in my head and belive it can not happen from the brain itself.  It must be from another dimension or external system giving people’s voices in their heads.

It might be as a simple fact that we are all hocked up to a matrix simulation with a data cable into our brains and that the future will show us this. If not the universe it self is capable of knowing all the states of the mind both atom and electric charges states and therefor could process information in and out of the brain by altering the state of atoms and electric charges in the brain. This would be an action of God, because we do not have the technology today to do this yet.

Another fact is that if you count neurons in the human brain it would give 10.75 GB. This is also not enough to give a full high resolution video of your life in revue.

Read the article not enough information in DNA to build the body up from scratch.

Not enough information in DNA to build the body up from scratch

This articles shows that it is only 1,5 GB of data in DNA. Let’s say it is compressed and can be expanded to 15 GB, it is still a long way up to 58,75 – 587,5 TB of data. IT is not possible to explain how this 1,5 gb could create a structure of the brain that could store more than 58 TB of data. IT is not possible! It is not enough information, or say not building brick in DNA to create the brain. If you have schematics of how the brain work and this would be production blueprints, the drawings would be larger than 58,75 GB of data. 1.5 GB is not enough to create the brain.  This means that the universe creates the brain, it might be a Matrix some  others would call it God.

The fact is inescapable that we are living inside some sort of system: Call it  the Universe, the Matrix or God and it has an intelligent design capable of processing and creating complex structures as the human brain and I would say that it even is capable of telling me the words to write this article. That this is not my idea this article but actually an idea from God or a higher supreme entity or being with a higher intellectual capacity than humans.

What if God had a sound system called  example Vivaldi. That creates the amazing music have in this world.

it is like masterpieces like Vivaldi Four seasons.

or Chopin  Spring Waltz

Or Beethoven Symphony no. 5. Destiny Symphony.

All this music could be from an external source, using composer as just a tool to communicate with to make them write the music and even lyrics to songs. This could also apply to science and other texts too, and it happens in subtle and discreet way that author thinks he is the sole inventor of the idea.

It is a theory not to far away from reality. Because we have with this logical reasoning and simple mathematical equations found out that there is logical crash, a void that create something to useless science and something to new relevant science.

It proves that the world is not static universe with static atoms but some sort of real life simulation or live encoding / rendering of atoms and information.

The problem is that God did not leave the instructions manual for how to operate the universe and how it works, and he did not leave the medical library about how the body works.

It seems like we are programmed to fall apart and get older and not because of age and wear..

The salvation lies in reverse engineering how the universe and “God” works and come to settlement with what wrong things God has to accuse humans over.

Because we are left here to die and fall apart since we not have the right knowledge to uphold our youth and health.

It should not be like that! I belive it all wrong what happening to us.

It this article there is theories that is not yet complete, but it seems that in a distant future technology and knowledge has developed to a stage where it is not only theoretical possible but also practically possible to build this systems I am discussing about. Because we do not have the full understand of physics yet, even if we seem to ble close to knowing everything we might be fundamentally wrong about the reality structure we are in.