Possible ways a computer can be hacked and used as bot, emptied for information or uploaded information to it.

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Sunday 15th of February 2020 @ clock 22:33

Hardware ways computers can be hack:

1. Thru the electric cable into the PSU -Power Supply unit.

This can have direct access to CPU, Memory and hard drive and files can be example transferred out of or into computer thru the power grid and outside the house, without any visible processes in task manger or netsat( Ethernet packet sniffer program) that is not showing any network activity. A online UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply and / or petrol Engine-generator can stop this traffic in the UPS because it filters out noise and produce a pure sine wave and because the PSU get its electricity input not connected to the grid but to the petrol power generator.

2. Thru a USB wireless dongle(WIFI adapter or black box) or cabled network card connected inside the machine or on the backside of computer, giving internet or other network access to the computer. Driver can be installed so it is not possible to see the adapter in network manger, and no network traffic on the adapter (DOS command line: netstat) is visible. It can also be visible as a network adapter but with a backdoor in it. You can have somebody on inside organization telling the WIFI password to others, or you might have password that is weak that can be hacked with brute force, or you have other security exploits in router, firewall or WIFI Access point, or weak encryption. You might also have fake WIFI Access points and routers, that collects all traffic and send it to another destination outside your organization.

The adapter might have a Trojan in it and sends and receive data from /to computer, without any traces on network. (netstat) Only a relay a machine with two networks cards, one network card from computer to the “Ethernet Packet sniffing program” that analyses all network traffic and send it out to the LAN /WAN on network card 2 can detect this communication.

3. Thru a cellular network EDGE, LTE, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks dongle. It can give computer network access to internet or private networks, thru Vlan or thru example VPN and it can give access to the computer from the outside too. IT can also be situation where they hacked security in mobile network, or using fakebase stations, with packet sniffers, relaying the call/data to another base station. If somebody plant a Trojan inside mobile (or data packet capture (like the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Retention_Directive ) network they can undetected capture all voice and data traffic in mobile networks. People working in Data Retention Directive can be criminals

4. A man in the middle machine between you and internet captures your connection when downloading software, drivers and OS updates. You download example use “Calculator plus” from Microsoft and the man in the middle(machine gives you are virus file instead of the original file where the virus Trojan gets executed) This can be done if ISP is hacked or have unfaithful employees. Even useof SSL/HTTPS/ AES, VPN or DES this can be hacked. Your router might be hacked giving possibility to send from your IP address and receive your data before you see, alter what comes in and out of the router. (example fake internet)

5. A cellular wireless transmitter can be embedded in hard drive, memory, keyboard, mouse, web camera, CD/DVD/Blue ray player, Ethernet Thru HDMI(connection to SMART HD TV), motherboard, graphic adapter, network card, raid cards, sound cards and CPU. This circuit can transmit to a nearby receiver and sender on it own frequency or on Bluetooth, wlan or mobile network. It can also be a flying nanorobot in the room you not see, but thats recording you keystrokes on keyboard for entering user name and password, then it send username and password wireless to a3rd person.

Machine needs to be put into a room that is shielded with:

a layer of Aluminum foil


One layer with Antistatic bag material.


A layer of Lead


on top, front side, backside, sides, bottom, and /or placed in water proof box that is lowered into a water tank/room where there is water in all directions.

Shielding must be all walls, ceiling and ground.

Put the server into a Faraday cage:


Walls, ground, ceiling should be of concrete as firs layer or inside a mountain.

This is perfect protections from:

Radio Jamming


Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)



Solar storms

Nuclear explosion can damage both hard drive and computer parts if it is not shielded.


Power from grid must go thru a transformer where the voltage is stable and produce a perfect sine wave. Then it must go thru a Online UPS that thru one transformer converts 220 volt down to batteries 19 volt and then a new transformer convert example 19 volts battery up to 220 volt

If not power from grid a gasoline generator can be the source but it should send the electricity to an UPS before it reaches the computer and network parts.

6.Quantum technology:







Quantum Technology can be installed in computer hardware produced by different computer manufactures.

They can be fully hidden for virus scan, no files installed on hard drive, no firewall can detect it, they can communicated with its node on the other side of the world instantely, with no wireless antennas(radio) no network cable, not even thru the power supply and out on the electricity grid and with very little power consumption and can reach both mbit, gigabit and terrabit communication speeds.

There is no element traces of it in task manger as a program or driver, there is no program installed, no firewall/router log traces of it and /or no netsat in your OS.

Only you could see it reading and writing to disk because you see the hard drive lamp blinking. It does not communicate as an Ethernet adapter, it is loaded before OS is loaded and can have full access to computers hardware. It is worse than a root kit.

It can also be in your router or smartphone / mobile phone giving internet access thru quantum communication and monitor all network traffic.

The device is really small on a nano scale. You can’t see it with your eyes without a scanning electron microscope https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scanning_electron_microscope

It is nanotechnology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanotechnology

7. The masters of the universe.

People that know how the universe really works (example like in the movie “The Matrix” can make the universe send signals to your hard drive, CPU and read or write a file to it, or send a signal to the CPU setting it to do a task to work with without your knowledge and to GPU showing you an image/video that you not opened or that is a fake video stream of an example war actions.

Who are they? Technical Simulated reality operators, God for sure, maybe some smart people and maybe the devil too.

Also computer screens, smart phone screens, TV and tablet can work with their pixels to show image and reversed from sending to receiving images as a digital camera taking a picture of the room without you know it.

8. The screen can be built in a way that the pixels can work two ways:

one to show an image on the screen, second the pixels works opposite like a camera that takes photo of you and your room.

Same counts for mobile phones(smartphones) screens and cameras and microphone on the smart phone can be a security risk.

Software ways a computer can be hacked:

1. Computers operating system might have built in backdoor from the software manufacture that can do nearly anything with your computer. And it is invisible built then. Only a computer that acts as a packet sniffer for Ethernet box outside the computer can log all the traffic and see the traffic from computer to another source outside the network over on the internet.

2. Bug reports

Operating systems and some software companies send statistical and bug reports with memory dump over the internet when computer crashes, private information can be used at software company or fetch up during it travels over the internet by other packet sniffers and be used if it is not correctly encrypted.

3. Security exploits in operating systemor in software,

where you download one thing that you think you know is the right source, bt it is a look alike webiste and inside the file you are downloading it is Trojan, viruses, malware, spyware, or specific signal like DDOS, Buffer overflow or in an pattern that the OS and programs responds to by executing the virus on computer or install spy software.

4. The user clicks to install a program in e-mail as an example and the virus hijack sall your files and encrypt them and they want ransom money by bitcoin or other crypto currencies to get your files back again.

5. Nanotechnology – Nanorobots can integrate with a specific computer part example router, switch, network card and sniff on send and received what is going on in the network card and transmit it to another source outside the building. They are so small that you can not see them with the naked eye, the only way it can be detected is to put all computer parts under scanning electron microscope( that will take maybe months to scan all parts) or that you see that your data appear somewhere else in the world.

6. Drivers and system files and 3rd party drivers or programs can contain viruses/trojans, regardless if they are from original manufacture or from a 3rd website source.

All drivers, ISO, OS, and software should be downloaded with a md5 checksum and the download file should be encrypted.

7. Nanotechnology working as spy hardware and spy software.

Nanotechnology can be build with a photo/video camera and microphone and a radio transmitter so small that you can not see it in the room. This can be with quantum communication or send it out on the internet in the house, mobile network or other wireless spy base stations. They can spy on you and your equipment, like seeing what is on your screen and keyboards strikes you use for username and password for any service like MS Windows Login, or website or other and transmit to an unknown 3rd party.

8. Nanotechnology Spy and central intelligence.

Nanotechnology are so small they can climb inside your ear, and record your voice, then sent the voice to a spy base station with a computer and then make synthetic audio file of your voice. This can be used to make you hear in your ear with your own voice, example: What is the code to the safe, go open it to check if everything is ok! You come to the safe and you say out inside you quietly the number for the safe(or password for windows, or other online services) and the nanospy technology recognize the voice hears turns it into letters and numbers and it sends the password to another unknown party.

9. Nanotechnology as a weapon

This is not for computers, but it is important to take it into consideration.

Nanotechnology robots are so small they can penetrate you skin and go into your body, thru the bloodstream or go directly to you nervous system: Spine or brain.

There it make example pain in right or left foot, side, arm or chest, belly or your head. Pain that is not real, what people would call psychiatric disease. It can also be in the flesh and generate burning itchy felling on backside or arm as if you have eczema https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dermatitis

Nanobots can also make damage body, skin or organs and cause real pain to the body and since they are so small it is hard to detect where the sources of them are.

IT can also climb inside your ear or vocal cord and make you say things you did not mean to say or inside ear where it has recorded other peoples voices, and then it synthesis the words to sounds of people you know and not know. It can make you think that you are mentally ill because you don’t know the source of it and you did not plan to say the things that come out of your mouth or what you hear other peoples voices inside you did not come from you.

Now if there is matrix in this world it can make you feel pain or become sick, or feel healthy and happy and pleasure, or sex desire or not. If you been good person, devil can hurt you, and God can reward you are good, If you been bad God can punish you while devil will try to make you do more evil.

The cure to kill nanobots in your house is a powerful magnet like in MRI (if you feel good during a MRI scan it can be because the nanobots during a MRI magnet scan can’t operate in this magnetic field or MRI (maybe a Tesla coil put them out of action)

If your back or arms are itchy badely like electric, take a warm shower and itchying and ticklis increases, then turn water to cold water fast and then itchying and ticklising ends fast next second. This temperatur differense seems to knock out the nanorobots.

Spray whole house with a water spray so (small particle spray) all particles in air get wet, making difficult for nanobots to fly away, use then a small gardener weed burner(flamethrower) and burn all parts of the empty air in every room of your house.

You should not do it without a bucket of water and fire extinguisher ready and only if you feel or know that house is under surveillance and/or weird things happening.

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