What if the universe is a machine with programable supercells that can convert to any atom or molecule structure?

I think that every nanometer in the universe has a coordinate to it like a map.

Every atom might have a «phone number» to them so it is possible to call up matter and ask it to do specific things like: “move to another atom and bond with it” as an example. Or maybe it is a quantum foam structure of the universe on a Planck scale that “plays” the vibration frequency of atoms and molecules and it all is a big programmable matter engine of frequencies. We must find a way to send instructions to the universe and matter.

If my suggestions are true we could build a machine that can create new limbs for amputees, new heart for those that had a heart attack, brain cleaning for dementia without doing surgical operations, just let it grow new inside a machine inside the body.

It could eventually lead to eternal life, because every time a body gets damage or old we just renew the cells and atoms in the body with the help of a machine.

Why I say it is programmable is because of my article about DNA:

or that countries are formed as structures on the world map: