Synchronicity in TV, Movies, Radio and Internet

Synchronicity in TV, Movies, Radio and Internet

Ever felt the TV or radio answering your questions in your thoughts? or ever felt the speech or song on radio is directly addressed to you.

You know it can be so.

In a simulated reality it is not a problem creating TV content that is addressed to only one watcher out of many. It requires higher intelligence than we know of today, but not so much more either. Example you would need a voice to text service. A lot of videos, example YouTube.  Scan all the videos, index the position the text is in the videos are. Running a computer that plays a stream that gives you a message from many videos based on a sentence that somebody have preconfigured into the system.

This would be one way or like chaning radio channels like in the movie Transformers where Bumblebee(the robot) talk to Witwicky (the boy) in the clip below:

Witwicky says: can you talk?
And Bumble bee says: XM Satellite Radio  – Digital cable brings you  Columbia Broadcasting System
Witwicky: You talk thru the radio!
Bumblebee: Thank you,  You’re wonderful, you’re wonderful

It is like scanning the radio frequencies from one channel to another, where one part of a sentence is continued on the next channel.

The word RADIO contains two words “RA” and “DIO” Both means GOD. So in the word radio you say God God!

Most likely not a coincidence the word of God appear two times in the word radio.

You could then find synchronicity in even documents, posters and pictures.