Human rootkit brain Artifical Intelligent virus v.2.0 Corrupted Bad Fix

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Many people have had a virus on their computers.

I know because I have fixed their computers, hundrede of computers in my life and of course humans can get viruses example HIV or Ebola.

Now what I am going to suggest is going for a lot of people be difficult to accept, even uncanny:

A virus installed in the core of the Universe as a rootkit brain Artificial Intelligent virus called v.2.0 Corrupted Bad Fix: that can affect our brains and bodies

You can watch the following movies: Matrix 1,2 & 3  System Meltdown, Lucy for starter to update on the idea that the universe can actually be used a medium to affect both computers and humans brains to do things you don’t want to do or is programmed to do.

v.2.0 Corrupted Bad Fix virus can affect our brains in different ways:

# Make us lie.
# Make us not do our jobs.
# Don’t pay our bills.
# Makes us systemic torture or bully people in large scale without knowing of the person that is bullying he or she is not they only one bullying this person.
# Put you thru a mosaic rendering you not like or feel comfortable with.
# It can make people turn in disfavor of you in systemic approach.
# It can violate peoples free will.
# Make us lazy or out shape.
# Make us testify falsely over and over again in real life and in court.
# Make us use violence, rape, murder or blackmail.
# Make us make trouble for each others, fights conflicts, money loss etc.
# Make us drink alcohol in large quanta, do drugs and uncontrolled gambling.
# Make us break agreements and contracts.
# Become sick physically and/or mentally.
# it can make you feel pain, anger, happiness, willingly, dissatisfied, worried, it can even make you feel physic things like that you are , surveillance, paranoid, beaten or even raped.
# It can make you feel that you are doing the right thing. it can go so far as it builds false logic that seems right in your head.
# It can make you see, hear and feel things that is not real or not correct.
# Making sure people stop buying your goods or services so you stop earning money so your are held financially hostage.
# That we do not respons on emergency calls like fire, police and ambulance calls.
# Everything from companies, hospital, to public offices and governmental positions fail to do their job when required upon them.
# Steal
# Use false identity.
# Misuse political powers.
# Misuse governmental power or law system to gain advantages, including corruption.
# Abuse and misuse your military powers.
# Sabotage peoples lives or infrastructure.
# Spy and do intelligence on others.
# Reduce your intellectual capacity or work efficiency, including stealing time from you.
# To use power in a way as owning property, IP Intellectual property  og money to hold people hostage or to hold back evolution, science, knowledge dearly needed.
# Commit a moral sin.

Some scholars would clam that the effects above is caused either by Devil or acts of God. It might be a program that lives on it self and has nothing or little to do with both of them. (Of course there is the theoretical possibility of simulated people running around making trouble for people on this planet, and the only thing they might do wrong is to take a lot of time from people doing useless things that do not provide capital growth ) The thing with this virus is that anybody anywhere can be affected of it, you don’t need to have contact with somebody to get affected.

The program runs silent in the background and never shows itself to the user in the universe. You can’t notice it because it is too smart for us. It is hyper advanced – hyper intelligent, it is just thru repeated behavior where people do counterproductive things we can see it.

The idea is not crazy because it is theoretical possible that we live inside a matrix or simulated reality and/or that the universe is a machine,since we do not know everything about the laws of physics and universe yet, and therefor a virus like this can happen not to only computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones but also control human brain.

Consciousness might lay outside the human brain in the universe itself. This means killing people has no point where you do not kill the consciousness or soul, only the body.

Now you think hold on, this can not be possible! If you think that the universe is billions of years old, and life and technology had a chance to evolve thru billions of years we do not know the outcome of reality yet. Technology thru a period of lets say 36 years have totally changed how the world operate and work today. The wold is not equal to what it was, we have moved into a new “ontos” or should i say even new plattform or operating system with apps and services.

It is a chance that reality we live in today is rolled backwards a 1000 years from a more advanced future point than what we have today.

There is of course nothing out there called v.2.0 Corrupted Bad Fix virus is there? If you look at media outlets you can read about war, conflicts, crime, murder and a lot more, all over the world. Something is really riding the world to this craziness. V.2.0. Corrupted Bad Fix  is a concept to explain all the things that go wrong. Something is making people commit crime and sins as if they are pushed into it against their will, maybe because of other corrupt systems or other peoples wrongdoing forces the system and people in the system to do a revenge on the what wrong that have been done to others.

Now you could say that of course the universe is static and is not an information processing engine….

But let’s say it can process information. Let’s say that the world is an super advanced computer. Because we have seen some type of artificial intelligence out there people would not think existed.

Let’s say you want to start political campaign to achieve a certain goal. You write an article that is the truth about what is going to happen. As said in the article the other parties political point of view ends in disaster. Your statement is thru. But the only problem is that you write an regime critical article and when you click publish the article disappear on the way to your publish plattform. Something out there made the connection or data stream cut off.

Now if you finally can publish the article you try to add it to the search engines, you see that you submitted it to the search engine but it does not get listed in search results. You add another article different topic, it gets listed immediately.

Something has the computing power to process the information sendt to the biggest search engines out there. Either they have installed an very advanced AI doing the processing of the information sent to the search engines. The AI is so smart that it can analyze the content and find out that it is true and therefore ban it from being listed in search engines.

Most likely this is an AI embedded in the universe or on this planet that nobody knows of.

The truth is that you never will hear about the really evil things happening out there because it is filtered out and brought to silence – systemic – not done by humans as we know them. This must be a system because the decision is made in a split second.

This also decides what type of traffic you achieve on your site. Some articles produce a lot of traffic and in the old days there was more traffic to some sites than now on certain sites.

Whatever the cause of it is it is not based on democracy and freedom of speech when it filters it out.

As one said: I do not trust Devil, God, people, corporations, countries, governments and organizations because them self do not know who or should we say what systemic system controls them to do what they do. Everything happens for a reason, cause and effect.

Hyper advanced artificial intelligence made by the devil is possibly the reason for this.

This means you can have a lot of cases like Josef Fritzl out there in the world and the worst thing is that there is a system that make it impossible to help people because people think that it does not help or they build up a logic answer in their heads that it can’t be so bad or something. We should all once a year check our neighbors basement and shed to avoid cases like the Josef Fritzl case. This is theft of freedom.

Something steals our freedom and it is systemic, it makes you belive that you are free, but you find out that you are not.

I blame it on the v.2.0 Corrupted Bad Fix virus.

It is just so much you can blame on political corruption or money corruption or power corruption before you have to look for other reasons for why things go wrong.

The biggest problem is that people do not belive in evil, nor Devil or God and things and think everything is shiny and ok as it is.

I have seen during a lot of tech jobs on computers that they are infected by a virus. Sometimes it is a virus not known to virus scanners.

Sometimes I have seen a virus wipe out the entire boot sector and system kernel files of a server not connected to a network.

I have seen virus appear on the computer as we talk about that certain people brings trouble.

You must ask how did it get into the system in the first place especially when it is not connected to the internet or network.

Also seen system hangs and systems like iPhone that do not respons in the way they are programmed to respond. Example showing images not on the device or glitches of systemic proportions that shows that something is happening at kernel level that should not appear on the screen. It can be windows, it can be mac, iPhone or windows Phone enabled devices. All have glitches if you use them long enough you will see it.

One glitch is when CPU interrupt request make a movie pause because system is busy doing nothing, and then it plays the movie ultra fast to the point in time where it should be. A behavior that should not be a programmed behavior of playing ultra fast to catch up with the time gone standing still. It should just continue where it stopped at last time in normal pace. This indicates that something controlling the CPU to do things ultra fast. It’s like the phone is waiting for update from the matrix before it goes on displaying next picture. As if everything displayed on a screen is controlled by a “matrix master service” in the background.

Other times I have seen even a green matrix take over the screen. All not healthy systems and needed repair. But why it happen in the first place we do not know.

There is so many bugs that have no explanation out there. Some I belive comes from the core of the universe.

Let say that the universe or God as some say knows everything. Then they could in theory tell the universe to produce electrons to circuits so they display what ever it wants on TV, Laptop, Computer screen and even mobil phone screens, regarding of what the operating system tells the system to do.. As it says in the bible when Jesus comes again, he will come in the clouds and everybody will see him. Maybe all this  technology is to enable people to see the second coming of Christ. That would be cool.

It means that you might we watching news on TV that is designed for you, not what is really happening in the world. How could you tell if a webpage displays real data or simulated data? You can’t. The things you see on TV and internet newspapers is just a fraction of all the things that happen in the world.

You would need secure communication point to point with private key infrastructure above AES 256 bit encryption standards to start with.

This could in theory control all people and machines in the entire world.

What they say: God knows everything what is going on. That is a lot to keep a track of.

With knowing this we can have something to blame things going wrong on: v.2.0 Corruption Bad Fix human virus. Instead of using police, court system, and psychiatric we can develop new methods to distract the virus away from people. And you can say ahh this situation is probably a v.2.0 Corrupted Bad Fix, leave it alone and tell the other party about that the virus might affecting their judgement and behavior. The antidote to the problem or should i say the “Good Fix” to v.2.0 Corruption Bad Fix is to acknowledge it and behave accordingly to removal of the problem by either ignoring it or telling the other party that your actions might be affected by an external source.

There is another big problem out there. People do not belive in something higher than them self like a God. And the standard of what they do and think is at that level, so low level that they drag everybody down into the pit of their views and of course nothing extraordinary will happen in their life because they do not belive. The biggest bad thing we can do it not to belive people when they say something.

I think the secret is that the universe gives you what you belive in.

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