Super Information Symmetry

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Super Information Symmetry is a concept we developed to describe every part of an object in a structured symmetric way. 

This article is not about supersymmetry

An example of Super Information Symmetry would be:

a dynamical blueprint of an an car engine. A blueprint that is so dynamical that every bolt  bolt and screw would be accounted for in the drawing and that could dynamically show you what parts that need to be dismantled in the right order to change for example the head gasket.

The drawing would contain how many times you have to turn a bolt before it sits. It  would contain information to how many pounds force you would use to fasten the bolt.

It would contain information about the bolts size and weight, and what type of material and hardness it is made of. It contains information about what handedness the screw tread has either right or left, female or male tread. 

It would then also contain part numbers and where to order spare parts from. It would contain information about shipping companies and the customs clearing charges that would apply.

It would further on hold information about how many bolts there is, where they are used in the car engine, what parts its holds together,

And all this information would be possible to explore dynamically in 3D viewing from all angels, with possibility to see transparent thru layers.

It would hold information about how the movement of mechanical parts work. Angels, position, what follows the movement in the car/engine parts. Its like a dynamical blueprint that  runs like an engine – that cover the whole  engine running process.

The blueprint would also hold electrical wiring and circuit functioning simulation, with volts, amperes, signaling properties, AC/DC power. It would hold a diagram that simulates the flow in the circuit.  This is all just a simple example of all the information you could put into a system of super information symmetry.

Another Example of Super Information Symmetry would be:

Example having a program on your iPhone that do image object recognition (just like face recognition software, just of objects) for information purpose.

Lets say you take a picture with your iPhone of a yellow submarine.

Now the image recognition software could be able to detect that it is a Yellow submarine with windows on it on land and some trees in the background, blue sky.

Then it could give you references to yellow submarine and would automatically play Beatles Yellow submarine.

It would then link you to the Wikipedia article:

it would also give you the link to the article about Submarine.

and then to the color Yellow

It would also give reference to other things that are yellow.

links to other submarines, waterproof windows. Trees, green grass, blue sky.

Lets fetch blue sky and find synonyms for it: Blue heaven, and then it would play the song my blue heaven when touch the blue area on the picture.

On the pictures there is a some trees in the background and that would lead you to:

And then it could also give you Wikipedia article:

Now on the tree there is leafs .

You see where this is leading to. One bit of information can spawn into many new information elements – The information could be close to never ending.

Anyway this information can be collected into a .sis (super information symmetry) file a file that is like a CAD file(  just dynamically like a movie or flash file with xml structured data about each element on the screen.

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